Rename Parallels Cloud Server to Virtuozzo

Problem description

Within Parallels company rebranding, Parallels Cloud Server product, whose support was merged in Kilo, was renamed to Virtuozzo 1. Moreover, Parallels Service provider business was renamed and became Odin 2. Thus, there was no Parallels name left for this product.

We need to address this change in nova/libvirt driver accordingly to avoid confusion of users and make things be actual.

It is worth noting though, that Virtuozzo is based on opensource and free OpenVz project and supporting Virtuozzo means supporting OpenVz also.

Use Cases

Project Priority

No priority defined for this change yet.

Proposed change

Libvirt section in nova.conf will change virt_type from parallels to vz. We set minimal required version of libvirt to work with vz virt_type to 1.3.0 since it is the first version that supports ‘vz’ uri. The code will hold both names: parallels and vz for next release cycle. In M release cycle there should be left only vz.


We can leave it as is and have parallels virt_type but this approach will leave confusion for user forever.

Data model impact


REST API impact


Security impact


Notifications impact


Other end user impact


Performance Impact


Other deployer impact

Deployer can use libvirt virt_type parallels in Liberty release cycle, but will have to switch to vz in next M release. This action is going to be fulfilled by Virtuozzo deployment system.

Developer impact




Primary assignee: Maxim Nestratov <>

Work Items




Unit test cases need to be updated. Already addressed in pending implementation.