Cells instance migration


Now that there’s a table to map instances to cells it needs to be populated with data on instances that existed prior to its creation and usage.

Problem description

When Nova is partitioned into cells the compute api needs to know which cell to communicate with for a particular instance. Instances that existed before this mapping was maintained need to have their location added to the table.

Use Cases

  • Operators want to partition their deployments into cells for scaling, failure domain, and buildout reasons. When partitioned, we need a lookup table to know which partition an instance is in. That lookup table needs to be populated with information on instances that existed prior to its creation.

Project Priority

Cells v2 is a priority for Liberty.

Proposed change

The ‘instance_mapping’ table will be populated with data on which cell an instance lives in.

A new nova-manage command will be added to look up instances in a database and add an instance_mapping row for them. The command will take a cell name/uuid as an argument and migrate instances within that cell. The cell name/uuid must correspond to an entry in the cell_mapping table and the database connection information in that row will be used for finding instances to be mapped.

For cells v1 setups where there are multiple cells a new cell_mapping entry should be added for each cell and then the nova-manage command would need to be run for each cell.


The alternatives to cells v1/v2 have been discussed prior to this spec. In the cells v2 effort there is no alternative for this mapping requirement.

Data model impact


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Other end user impact


Performance Impact


Other deployer impact

Deployers will be provided with a new nova-manage command to trigger the creation of the mappings. This should be run once for a deployment not currently using cellsv1, and once in each cell for a deployment currently using cellsv1. This command will need to be run for each cell, or to migrate the first cell for current non cellsv1 users, before the current hardcoded database connection method can be dropped. The timeline for that is likely to be at the end of a release cycle, either Liberty or M(ongoose).

Developer impact




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Work Items

  • Add nova-manage command to populate instance_mapping data for instances. The command should migrate one cell at a time.

  • Update grenade testing job, or add a new one, to call the new command and verify that migration works properly.




Testing will be a combination of Nova in-tree functional tests and a grenade test to verify that upgrades work.

Documentation Impact

Documentation on the new nova-manage command will need to be written.