Allow ip6 server search for non-admin

Add ip6 to the list of options that are allowed for non-admins when listing servers.

Problem description

Filtering by IPv6 address is currently only allowed for admins, but there is no reason to treat this differently than IPv4. It is also quite surprising for a user to find that nova list --ip6 xxx will list all servers.

Use Cases

A user will want to list servers based on their IPv6 address, just like they can already do based on IPv4.

Project Priority


Proposed change

Add a new API microversion for which the ip6 option will no longer be filtered out from the server search for non-admins.


Treat the bug fix as a minor patch that will not require a new API microversion. However in the conversation about the fix (see References) there seemed to be consensus that a microversion is needed in order for a client to be able to tell whether filtering by IPv6 is available or not.

Data model impact


REST API impact

The new API is added as a microversion.


GET /servers?ip6=<regex>

The request and response headers, body and possible codes are unchanged from current behaviour. The ip6 option will no longer be silently discarded for non-admins.

Security impact


Notifications impact


Other end user impact

python-novaclient will have to be updated so that it can request the new microversion when the --ip6 option is used.

Performance Impact


Other deployer impact


Developer impact




Primary assignee:

Jens Rosenboom <>

Work Items

  • Add a new microversion and change nova/api/openstack/compute/plugins/v3/ to add ip6 to the list of allowed server search options.




  • Unit tests and API samples functional tests in the nova tree will be added.

Documentation Impact

The nova/api/openstack/rest_api_version_history.rst document will be updated.


[1] Originally reported as a bug:

[2] ML thread discussing whether a microversion is needed:

[3] Proof of concept code change: