Remove ‘v3’ from nova API code tree

When trying to work on Nova API code, there are many confusing concepts in the directory tree which make it harder than it should be to map what’s in the tree to what’s in the API.

Example confusions:

  • v2.1 code is in nova/api/openstack/compute/plugins/v3. People get confused about what v3 is.

  • there are both plugins and contrib directories

  • the v2.0 code is in the top level nova/api/openstack/compute even though it’s deprecated.

We should clean up the api directory structure to be less confusing so that it reduces cognitive load in working on the code base, and makes more sense to new contributors.

Problem description

See above.

Use Cases

None. This is a code tree cleanup for Nova.

Project Priority

This is a priority work item under the Nova API in Liberty.

Proposed change

The api directory structure should look something more like this (this is an example with some key data, not the entire set of moves):

compute/ - all the os compute api
legacy_v2/ - the entry point for all the v2 code. This will

make it easier to remove in the future - the v2.1 servers implementation - the v2.1 flavors implementation

servers/ - a directory containing code which adds resources

to servers

servers/actions/ (renamed from

servers/actions/ - all chunks of code that add actions

flavors/ - all chuncks of code that extend add things to



Basically take all the v2 code, put it in the corner so it’s not the first thing people find.

Then take the rest of the code and make it have no version in its name, and create a directory structure on disk that mirrors the REST URI structure as much as possible. Making it simpler to understand where things fit in the REST strucuture.

  • Move the V2 API code which is currently under nova/api/openstack/compute and nova/api/openstack/compute/contrib into nova/api/openstack/compute/legacy_v2. The ‘V2’ API will be deprecated in the future.

  • The Nova V2.1 REST API refers to the new Nova REST API with Microversion. The evolution of v2.1 will be done by Microversion in the future. So the proposal is that the API version won’t be included in any code path. The V2.1 API which is now under nova/api/openstack/compute/plugins/v3 will be moved into nova/api/openstack/compute. This means that the V2.1 API will be the only compute API supported by Nova. The JSON-Schema used by v2.1 API moves into nova/api/openstack/compute/schemas.

  • Remove any reference to ‘v3’ from the code, tests, and configuration files. Examples: APIRouterV3, and v3 endpoint entry in api-paste.ini, etc.

  • Restructure the code on disk for the v2.1 code to more accurately reflect the REST uri structure of the resources those components represent.

  • Note that existing api-paste.ini files refer to the APIRouter and APIRouterV21 classes. We will have to maintain these names so that when people upgrade we don’t break things.


Keep the V2.1 API under current directory until V2 support is removed. But since all the API improvements in the future will be for the V2.1 API, a lot of developers would be confused on how to code to the current API. We should get rid of it now, and avoid confusing developers.

Data model impact


REST API impact


Security impact


Notifications impact


Other end user impact


Performance Impact


Other deployer impact


Developer impact




Primary assignee:

Ed Leafe <> Alex Xu <>

Work Items

  • Move all V2 code under ‘legacy_v2’ directory.

  • Update all existing references to ‘nova.api.openstack.compute’ to point to ‘nova.api.openstack.compute.legacy_v2’ instead.

  • Move all V2.1 code to the toplevel directory.

  • Move V2.1’s json-schema out of v3 directory.

  • Remove v3 endpoint from api-paste.ini. Existed effort for this




No new tests are needed, but existing tests will have to be updated to work with the new code tree.

The v2.1 API sample tests in nova/tests/functional/v3 moved into nova/tests/functional/api_sample_tests The v2 API sample tests will be removed by

The v2.1 and v2 API unittests already merged. Move them into nova/unit/api/openstack/compute.

Documentation Impact

This is just a code cleanup, and will be invisible to end users.


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