Provide nova-manage commands to refresh block device mapping connection_info

The connection_info associated with a Cinder volume attachment stashed within Nova’s block device mappings can often become stale. Previously operators have had to query the database directly for an understanding of the current state of the connection_info and could only migrate or shelve the instance to force a refresh of this.

This spec aims to outline some basic and potentially backportable nova-manage commands that will allow operators to both view and refresh the connection_info of a specific block device mapping within Nova.

Problem description

As suggested above the connection_info of a given volume attachment is stashed within the block device mapping record associated with an attached volume within Nova. Over time this connection_info can become stale if changes are made in the environment, the most common example of which being the changing of MON IP addresses when using Ceph as the backing store for the Cinder volume service.

There have also been various migration rollback issues over the years where the connection_info associated with the block device mapping can actually refer to that used by another compute host.

In both cases until now the only way to force a refresh of the connection_info was through another migration or shelve/unshelve that could also fail during the initial disconnect of the volume.

As such providing operators with a reliable means with which to refresh this connection_info would be extremely useful.

Use Cases

  • As an operator I want to view the current connection_info associated with a block device mapping.

  • As an operator I want to refresh the connection_info of block device mappings attached to a user’s STOPPED instance without shelving and unshelving.

Proposed change

Introduce a set of backportable nova-manage commands to manage the connection_info associated with a given volume attachment.


$bdm_uuid below refers to the UUID of the block device mapping record

within Nova and not the volume attachment UUID within Cinder. Block device mapping UUIDs for attached volumes can be obtained using the openstack server volume list $instance_uuid command with openstackclient >= 5.5.0 or nova volume-attachments $instance_uuid novaclient command.

Add a command to show the connection_info of a given block device mapping

$ nova-manage bdm show $bdm_uuid

This command will simply show all attributes of the volume attachment as currently stored within the Nova database.


This should also be accomplished within the os-volume_attachments API under a microversion but for the sake of this spec we will only focus on the above backportable nova-manage command.

Add a command to refresh the connection_info of a given block device mapping

$ nova-manage bdm refresh $bdm_uuid

This command will refresh the connection_info of a given volume based block device mapping record within Nova.


  • The block device mapping refers to an attached volume.

  • The instance the block device mapping is attached to must be in a STOPPED vm_state.

  • The libvirt virt driver is used by the compute hosting the instance.

When these prerequisites are met the command will start by locking the instance to ensure no user requests will be accepted and potentially race the refresh of the connection_info.

Then the command will make an RPC call to remove_volume_connection on the compute hosting the instance disconnecting the original volume connection from the compute host using the existing logic within the libvirt virt driver volume drivers.

The call to remove_volume_connection will also unmap the volume from the compute host via Cinder by either calling the terminate_connection API for volumes attached using the cinderv2 attachment flow or by deleting the volume attachment for volumes using the cinderv3 attachment flow.


We cannot precreate a fresh volume attachment for the cinderv3 attachment flow as the provided connector would conflict with the existing attachment and thus result in a failure. This differs to the live migration case where the source and destination connectors differ allowing us to have two active volume attachments at once within Cinder.

Once the RPC call returns the command we create a fresh cinderv3 volume attachment using the compute connector with the resulting attachment_id and connection_info being stashed in the block device mapping record within Nova.

This has the added benefit of migrating some volume attachments from the cinderv2 to cinderv3 flow. While much more work is required outside of this spec for Nova to migrate every volume attachment to the newer flow this is at least a start on that journey.

Finally, the instance will be unlocked allowing the user to now power on the instance that will in turn connect the volume to the compute host using the newly updated connection_info.


As with the earlier command this should also be accomplished within the os-volume_attachments API under a new microversion but again for the sake of the spec we will only focus on the above backportable command.


Continue to only allow connection_info to be updated by migrating or shelving an instance. This doesn’t scale well and can often lead to more issues when connection_info has become stale and out dated within an environment.

Data model impact


REST API impact


Security impact

None, the connection_info for a given attachment is already available to the owner of said attachment via Cinder. There is a case to make this an admin only API under a microversion within Cinder in the future, using service credentials within Nova to facilitate the passing of sensitive attributes like passwords, tokens and keyrings but for now having a nova-manage command expose what is stored in our database shouldn’t have an impact on our security model.

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Work Items

  • Introduce a command to show the attributes of a block device mapping, including the volume attachment id and connection_info.

  • Introduce a command to refresh the connection_info of a block device mapping.




Functional and unit tests will be written to validate these commands. We could also include integration tests in the form of some post-run playbooks and runs but this isn’t required for these commands to land.

Documentation Impact

As with all nova-manage commands extensive operator facing documentation will be written detailing commands.





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