Allow migrating PMEM’s data

This spec proposes an method for migrating PMEM Namespace’s data of instance when cold migrating or resizing instance.

Problem description

Currently, cold migrate or resize instance will always select a new pmem namespace on the destination host. But the data of the instance in the PMEM device will be lost. To ensure the integrity of instance data, we would like to migrate PMEM’s data of the instance when migrate or resize an instance.

PMEM devices can be used as a large pool of low latency high bandwidth memory where they could store data for computation. This can improve the performance of the instance.

Since copying pmem data will take a lot more time and network bandwidth, a new “copy_pmem_devices” argument is added to decide whether to copy pmem data.

Use Cases

  • As an user, I would like to migrate the PMEM namespace’s data if the instance migrate or resize to another host to ensure data integrity.

Proposed change

Add a new microversion migrate / resize API, introducing “copy_pmem_devices” field.

When migrating or resizing intance, we can get the old PMEM device and the new PMEM device from instance.migration_context. So we can copy the data from old PMEM device to new PMEM device.

Given or Assuming, the instance use /dev/dax0.0 PMEM Namespace on the source host, and we want to migrate or resize it to other host, and migrating or resizing the instance, will use the /dev/dax0.1 PMEM namepsace on the target host. Then nova will migrate the PMEM namepace’s data of the instance from /dev/dax0.0 to /dev/dax0.1 using the daxio utility over an ssh tunnel.


cold migrating or resizing instance workflow as following:

  1. prep_resize validates that there is a pmem device free and claims it as part of the move_claim process.The claimed device is stored in the instance.migration_context which can be retrieved later.

  2. The resize_instance operation is on source_compute, free the network volume etc. resources. We can get the source compute, dest compute from migration, and get the new PMEM device, old PMEM device from instance.migration_context. Copy the PMEM data from old PMEM device to new PMEM device at migtate_disk_and_power_off. If the copy operation is failed, cleanup the PMEM data on dest_compute, and make the instance ACTIVE again on the source compute. Copy the PMEM data can use “daxio” and “ssh”.

  3. The finish_resize operation is on dest_compute, launching a new instance with resources in step1. If launching new instance failed, will terminate the operation, cleanup the PMEM data on dest_compute, and make the instance ACTIVE again on the source compute.

  4. The confirm_migration will cleanup PMEM data on source compute, alternitivly revert_resize will cleanup PMEM data on dest compute and make the instance ACTIVE again on the source compute.



Data model impact


REST API impact

Add a new microversion migrate / resize API with “copy_pmem_devices” field.

  • POST /servers/{server_id}/action {


    “flavorRef” : “2”, “OS-DCF:diskConfig”: “AUTO”, “copy_pmem_devices”: “true”




    “migrate”: {

    “host”: “host1”, “copy_pmem_devices”: “true”



The value of “copy_pmem_devices” default “false”, dosen’t copy pmem data. “true”, the data in virtual persistent memory is copied.

If the copy_pmem_devices=true and the old microverion return a 400. Cross cell resize/cold migrate, will return 400.

Security impact

The pmem data will be transfered over ssh using the daxio utility to read and write the data, e.g. daxio -ouput /dev/dax0.0 | ssh <dest_compute_ip> “daxio -input /dev/dax0.1” This will reuse the exising ssh_execute function used to implement the ssh remote fs driver.

Notifications impact


Other end user impact

PMEM data will not be copied if performing a cross cell resize/migration.

Other deployer impact


Developer impact


Performance Impact

A cold migrate / resize operation will take a lot more time and network bandwidth than before as it needs to copy the content of the pmem between compute hosts.

Upgrade impact

This change will impact host the nova-compute service will behave during migration / resize so the compute service version needs to be bumped. Also resize and migration with pmem copy will only work with new enough compute services so a compute service version check should be implemented for these operations.

If the copy_pmem_devices=false or the old microverion we proceed with the old behavior of not copying the data. If the copy_pmem_devices=true and the old microverion return a 400.




Feature Liaison


Work Items




Add related unit test for negative scenarios. Add related functional test (API samples).

Documentation Impact

Update the related documents and add some description of this change





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