Rework security group for server details

Problem description

Generating nova server details could be significantly slowed down if neutron is used. The cause could be that retrieving security group id/name requires extra calls to neutron API and number of calls are linear to number of ports associated with instances divided by 100.

By removing calling to neutron API, it shows a 30% improvement for server details. Nova already has an info_cache which saves port name, so we can take advantage of this and saves security group name as well. By doing this, we should be able to boost API performance.

Use Cases

Speed up listing of server details and improving API responsiveness.

Proposed change

Add a new mircoversion and allow user to retrieve server detail list without security group. User will still be able to query security group info through neutron API, for example openstack port list –server ${VM_UUID} -c security_group_ids

Cache security group names in info_cache for each bounded port, so when directly retrieving security group from database without calling neutron API. This will hopefully speed up server detail query given that enough number of info_cache is populated with security group names. Also note that, update bounded port will also cause neutron server to callback nova-api and there update info_cache items.



Data model impact

info_cache object will have a new property named security_group.

REST API impact

Add a microversion to remove security groups from related APIS when using neutron network plugin. In the meantime, also remove proxy APIs to query security groups, user should be able to use neutron API instead.

Remove security groups from following APIs

  • GET /servers/details

  • GET /servers/{server_uuid}

  • PUT /servers/{server_uuid}

  • POST /servers/{server_id}/action where action is rebuild

Following APIs will be deprecated,

  • GET /servers/{server_id}/os-security-groups

It will still be possible to specify a security group when creating an instance. This behavior is not modified.

Security impact


Notifications impact


Other end user impact

With the new microversion, user will have to query neutorn API for security groups

Performance Impact

Querying server details will be accelerated.

Other deployer impact


nova APIs layer will take care of cache miss and will still query neutron for security group.

Developer impact


Upgrade impact




Primary assignee:


Other contributors:


Feature Liaison

Feature liaison:


Feature liaison:

Balazs Gibizer

Work Items

  • API change to remove the security groups info for new microversion

  • Cache security group name in info_cache

  • Unit and Functional tests

  • python-novaclient and osc change
    • add new microversion




Adding API functional sample and unit tests to verify security group is properly returned.

Documentation Impact

Add a documentation and explain the new microversion as well as server details may return stale data when quering.


Discussion on IRC about the need for a new API microversion: