Support Neutron Address Scope

Provides support for Neutron address scope feature.

Problem description

Address scope feature in Neutron has been available since Liberty release:

An address scope can be associated with multiple subnet pools in a one-to-many relationship. The subnet pools under an address scope must not overlap.

This blueprint will add the neutron address scope resource in heat.

Proposed change

Add following resource under resources/openstack/neutron/

  • OS::Neutron::AddressScope

    • name (required, name of the address scope, update_allowed)
    • tenant_id (optional, the owner tenant ID of the address scope) - limited to administrator operate - apply ‘keystone.project’ constraint
    • shared (optional, indicating whether the address scope is shared, default value is False, update_allowed) - limited to administrator operate, can change unshared to shared only
    • ip_version (optional, default value is 4) - allowed values are [4, 6]





Primary assignee:



Work Items

  • Add resource related
  • Add related tests
  • Add sample template in heat-templates



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