Heat template functions list


Add an ability to get the list of available functions for given template by REST API and CLI

Problem description

There is no possibility to get the list of functions that are supported by the given template version. It is useful for helping template writers, especially for HOT builders.

Proposed change

Add following command to heat CLI:

heat template-function-list <template_version>

Where template_version is template version given by heat template-version-list command output. This command returns the list of available template versions with corresponding type (cfn or hot) for user convenience.

Corresponding REST API would be the following:

GET on /template_versions/<template_version>/functions

Possible output:

Functions Description
Fn::GetAZs Returns the Availability Zones within the given region.
get_param A function for resolving parameter references.
get_resource A function for resolving resource references.
Ref A function for resolving parameter references.




Needed template can be obtained by template manager via _get_template_extension_manager() from template module. Each template has the list of functions as class attribute. Description of each functions will be obtained via __doc__() method of the function class. Additional changes is needed to REST API controller and RPC.


ochuprykov tlashchova skraynev


Target Milestone for completion:

Work Items

  • Update Resource REST API controller with additional capabilities
  • Update the heat CLI
  • Add required RPC
  • Add required additional test cases.
  • Add documentation for CLI (python-heatclient), REST API (api-sites)