Add convergence data to the Resource table

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Problem description

The convergence design requires extra data to be stored with each Resource row in the database, in order to allow different versions of a resource to co-exist within the same stack.

Proposed change

Add the following extra fields to the Resource table:

  • needed_by (a list of Resource keys)
  • requires (a list of Resource keys)
  • replaces (a single Resource key, Null by default)
  • replaced_by (a single Resource key, Null by default)
  • current_template (a single RawTemplate key)

(Note, the first two fields are currently known as requirers and requirements, respectively, in - but those are too confusing. Once we settle on names, we should update the simulator code as well.)





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Work Items

  • Database migration


We need to resolve first as that will determine what the type of a Resource key is.

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