Stack resource filtering, sorting and pagination

Enhance the filtering, sorting and filtering ability for resources in a given stack.

Problem description

In larger stack, heat does allow 1000 (max_resources_per_stack) by default which is configurable, and it would help users to get the resources in a stack if its provided with pagination, sorting and filtering abilities based on certain resource attributes

Proposed change

  • Pagination :

Add Following parameters in REST API and heat CLI for enabling pagination for given stack resources:

  • Sorting :

Add Following parameters in REST API and heat CLI for sorting resources in a given stack:

  • Filtering :
Add Following parameters in REST API and heat CLI for filtering resources in

a given stack:

  • type: List of valid Resource type
  • status: List of valid resource statuses
  • name: Resource name
  • action: List of valid resource actions
  • uuid: List of resource uuid
  • physical_resource_id: List of physical resource id

To support NOT condition, each of the list entry could be in the form of ‘[not:]entry’ like ‘not:FAILED’

Affected Resource REST API: /v1/​{tenant_id}​/stacks/​{stack_name}​/​{stack_id}​/resources ?<query parameters>

Here, to provide the filtering parameters, ‘filter’ query parameter will be used with it’s value similarly to –filters option used in CLI.

Affected Heat CLI: (only shown the new parameters here) heat resource-list [-f <KEY1=VALUE1;KEY2=VALUE2...>] [-l <LIMIT>] [-m <ID>] [-s <KEY1:asc,KEY2,KEY3>]

Optional arguments:

-f <KEY1=VALUE1;KEY2=VALUE2...>, –filters <KEY1=VALUE1;KEY2=VALUE2...> Filter parameters to apply on returned resources. This can be specified multiple times, or once with parameters separated by a semicolon.

-l <LIMIT>, –limit <LIMIT> Limit the number of resources returned. -m <ID>, –marker <ID> Only return resources that appear after the given resource ID.

-s <KEY1:asc,KEY2,KEY3>, –sort <KEY1:asc,KEY2,KEY3> Sorting keys in the given precedence and sorting directions.





Primary assignee:
Kanagaraj Manickam (kanagaraj-manickam)


Target Milestone for completion:

Work Items

  • Update Resource REST API controller with additional capabilities for pagination, sorting and filtering
  • Update the heat CLI as described in the solution section
  • Add required RPC and DB api with required micro version.
  • Add required additional test cases.
  • Add documentation for CLI (python-heatclient), REST API (api-sites)



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