Keystone Resource plugin for Service and Endpoint

Adds resource plugin for Keystone Service and Endpoint.

Problem description

In Heat based cloud deployment tool such as TripleO, vendors are automating the creation of Keystone Region, Service and Endpoint by some-means such as shell scripting. This is being repeated across multiple vendors and it could automated by heat template if heat provides Resource plugin for Keystone Region, Service and endpoint. So this blueprint is created to provide Heat resource plugin for Keystone Service and Endpoint.

Proposed change

Add following Resources under contirb/heat_keystone by using keystone v3 API.

  • OS::Keystone::Service

    • name (optional - defaults to self.physical_resource_name()
    • description (optional)
    • type (required)
  • OS::Keystone::Endpoint

    • region (optional)
    • service_id (required)
    • interface: ‘public’, ‘admin’ or ‘internal’
    • url (required)





Primary assignee:
Kanagaraj Manickam (kanagaraj-manickam)


Target Milestone for completion:

Work Items

  • Add contrib resources for those resources defined in solution section
  • Add constrains for service
  • Add required test cases
  • Add sample templates in heat-template project



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