Heat custom guidelines


Need to add custom guidelines to facilitate reviewing new resources and improve descriptions writing.

Problem description

Currently there are several rules on how to write descriptions of resources, properties, attributes and methods. For facilitate reviewing and improve description writing, need to add heat custom guidelines and start it during tox pep8 running.

Proposed change

Currently there are several obvious rules of description writing:

  1. Terminator at the end of resources, properties, attributes and methods descriptions.
  2. No double or more whitespaces in descriptions.
  3. Resource should contain description about it’s purpose in addition to summary.
  4. No leading whitespaces in the lines - if description string is long and split into a few lines, whitespaces should be at the end of lines and not at the begin of next lines.

Proposed solution is to write custom heat guidelines to cover these rules and to add it to tox pep8 check.





Primary assignee:


Target Milestone for completion:

Work Items

  • Add custom guideline rules for current heat descriptions.
  • Resolve all problems, which will be found with new checks.
  • Add custom guidelines check to pep.



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