Migrate Default Policy Format from JSON to YAML

A combination of factors has resulted in problems with deprecating policies. We need to make some changes in order to allow policy deprecation without causing pain to OpenStack deployers.

Problem description

There is an intersection of a few separate but related things that are causing pain when deprecating policies:

  • Packagers like to generate a sample policy for users to reference as they configure a service.

  • oslo.policy still defaults the filename of the policy file to policy.json for backward compatibility reasons. This encourages packages to generate a JSON sample policy file, which is not what we want.

  • Generating a sample policy file in JSON results in all the policy-in-code rules being overridden because it is not possible to comment out the default rules in JSON.

Because of the above, when a policy rule is deprecated in a service, users who have a JSON sample policy file will have the new rule applied immediately on upgrade. This does not give them a chance to deal with the change, as intended by the deprecation mechanism in oslo.policy (which would ordinarily apply an OR operation on the old rule and the new rule to ensure environments relying on the old rule will continue to work).

Proposed change

We want to officially deprecate JSON file format support and switch the oslo.policy default to YAML.

In order to do this, we will need careful coordination with consumers of oslo.policy. It is dangerous to change the default value for policy_file without making every effort to communicate the change to deployers. If a deployer misses this change, it is possible that their custom policy may fail to be applied, creating significant security problems.

The proposal made here is for each project to add an upgrade check that will look for a JSON-formatted policy file and fail if one is found. Once a project has this check in place, they can use set_defaults to change the default value for policy_file to policy.yaml. A release note about the change should be added to each project as well.

To facilitate this migration, we should write a tool to migrate an existing policy to YAML. The tool would make the format change, and it should also comment out any rules that match the default from policy-in-code. Only rules that have actually been customized by the deployer should be present in the resulting file. We may be able to use the oslopolicy-policy-upgrade tool to do this.

In parallel we can officially deprecate JSON format support in oslo.policy. If we detect that a JSON file is in use for policy we should log a warning. Support for JSON in CLI tools will also need to be deprecated.

We may also want to make existence of a JSON file a hard error on the oslo.policy side. We could provide a flag that services can set once they have completed their migration to YAML. If that flag is set and we find a policy.json file that would be a fatal error and stop the service from even starting. That would prevent us from silently opening security holes in a deployment.

A related change that is not strictly necessary for changing the default file format, but would further improve the deprecation process, is to add a runtime check for redundant rules in a policy file. This would provide the same functionality as oslopolicy-list-redundant.


Leave things as they are and try to communicate better that deployers should be using YAML. This was essentially the original plan around policy-in-code and it has obviously not been effective.

Impact on Existing APIs

Support for policy files in JSON format will be deprecated.

Security impact

Policy has a significant security impact so we need to be very careful with how we make this change. It will require coordination with Oslo consumers to ensure we make the change in the safest way possible.

Performance Impact

None in the short term. When JSON support is removed we will be able to stop checking for JSON formatted files which may slightly improve performance when reading policy files.

Configuration Impact

The default value for the policy_file option in oslo.policy will change from policy.json to policy.yaml.

Developer Impact

Each project will need an upgrade check to warn users who still have a JSON policy file present.

Each project will need to override the policy_file default once they have added an upgrade check.

Testing Impact

We will want to come up with a test matrix covering all the possible cases we may encounter. For example, deployers may have:

  • policy.json

  • policy.yaml

  • both policy.json and policy.yaml

  • a JSON file at a custom path

  • a YAML file at a custom path

We need to make sure to test all of those to ensure we do the right thing.



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Work Items

  • Coordinate with other projects to add upgrade checks and change the default for policy_file.

  • Provide a tool to convert existing policy files to YAML, preferrably with functionality to comment out any rules from the original file that match the default from policy-in-code.

  • Once all projects have upgrade checks in place, change the default for policy_file in oslo.policy so all future projects will have the correct default.

  • Deprecate JSON support in oslo.policy.

  • Deprecate JSON output in policy CLI tools.

Documentation Impact

Release notes to warn deployers about this will be important. Per-project documentation advising against JSON may also be helpful. Note that the oslo.policy docs already recommend using YAML over JSON.


We will need all projects to have upgrade checks in place in order to safely change this default.


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