Problem Description

There are now more projects consuming code from the Oslo incubator than we have Oslo contributors. That means the oslo-core team will need help to make library adoptions happen.

Proposed Policy

We are asking for one person from each project to serve as a liaison between the project and Oslo, and to assist with integrating changes as code moves out of the incubator into libraries or as library API changes need to be made.

  • It is important that the person understand the project well enough to be able to make significant changes, especially if the API of a library differs from the incubated modules. We prefer the liaison to be a core reviewer for the project, but leave that up to the project. The liaison does not need to be the PTL (and probably should not be).

  • The liaison should be prepared to assist with writing and reviewing patches in their project as libraries are adopted, and with discussions of API changes to the libraries to make them easier to use within the project.

  • Liaisons should pay attention to [Oslo] tagged messages on the openstack-dev mailing list.

  • It is also useful for liaisons to be able to attend the Oslo team meeting (Meetings/Oslo) to participate in discussions and raise issues for real-time discussion.


Add more Oslo Core Developers

We are always watching for candidates to be added to the oslo-core team. However, we’re not able to keep up with the rate of addition of new projects.

Committer in Oslo Updates Applications

This solution does not scale either. A developer changing something in Oslo will not necessarily also have time or knowledge needed to update all consuming applications.



Primary author: doug-hellmann

Other contributors: None


The Liaison program was started in Oslo during Juno, and expanded to other cross-project teams for Kilo.

Work Items

  1. Recruit liaisons from all of the projects.


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