Graduating oslo.log

The oslo.log library contains common code for configuring logging in OpenStack services.

Library Name



  • openstack/common/

  • openstack/common/

  • openstack/common/

  • openstack/common/fixture/

  • tests/unit/

  • tests/unit/

  • tests/unit/

  • tests/unit/fixture/

Early Adopters

No projects have stepped forward. I’ll probably experiment with ceilometer, if none of the liaisons volunteer first.



Primary assignee:

Doug Hellmann (doug-hellmann)

Other contributors:

Chuck Short (zulcss) dims

Primary Maintainer

Primary Maintainer:

Doug Hellmann (doug-hellmann)

Other Contributors:


Security Contact

Security Contact:

Doug Hellmann (doug-hellmann)


Target Milestone for completion:


Work Items



  • Organizational changes:

    • Move the option definitions into a private file.

    • Add a register_options() function to be called before parsing command line options and before calling setup() to register the command line (and other) options for logging.

    • Keep setup() in, but change its API to take a config object as argument.

    • Move the formatter classes to separate files.

    • Move handler classes to separate files.

    • Expose set_defaults() in but move it to the options file and change the API to take a config object as an argument.

    • Keep getLogger() in

    • Move WritableLogger to a separate public module.

    • Make the local module private (_local). We may move the module to another library in the future, but for now only the context and logging code uses it.

Adoption Notes

The code changes described above should allow all apps to import with a statement like:

from oslo.log import log

replacing the current form:

from foo.openstack.common import log



Related blueprints:



This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.