Spec Approval

This document describes the process for having a specification approved in Oslo.

Problem Description

Specification approval for Oslo is managed a little differently than other projects, because although Oslo has a single core/driver team we also have core reviewer teams for each of the libraries.

Proposed Policy

Rather than a simple majority vote of the driver team, we look for consensus among the important contributors to that part of the code.

Specifications related to oslo-incubator are reviewed by oslo-core.

Specifications related to an existing library are reviewed by oslo-core and the core review team for the library.

When consensus is reached on a spec, the Oslo PTL gives the workflow +1 vote to merge the change and publish the spec.

Alternatives & History

Two +2

Using two +2 votes as we do with code review would be faster, but we do not necessarily strive for speed when managing specification reviews. We want the team to have time to consider the implications of the change, the proposed API, and otherwise contemplate the spec.

Separate Specs Repositories

We could use separate a specs repository for each library, to allow the core team of that library to manage reviews directly. We have not yet had so many specs related to a given library that we have felt the need to do this. We also want the API generalists on the oslo-core team to be able to participate easily, without having to track reviews in the large number of different specs repositories we would have.



Primary author: Doug Hellmann

Other contributors: None


We adopted this policy starting with Juno.

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