Python3.4 Compatibility

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Keystone should move towards Python 3.4 compatibility soon. Python 2.7 is running towards it’s end of life and we should make sure we are ready to move to Python 3.4 and beyond as soon as possible.

Problem Description

With python 2.7 being far away from the new development initiatives within the Python community, Keystone (and more broadly) OpenStack needs to move to Python 3 runtime compatibility.

Proposed Change

There are a few python 3.4 incompatible libraries that need to be replaced with libraries that are compatible with newer vintages of Python.

  • Use the ldap3 library instead of python-ldap

  • Use pymemcache instead of python-memcache

Any code that makes Python 2.x specific assumptions will need to be updated to use be Python 3.x compatible.



Security Impact

Python 3 in general is seeing new development, where python 2.x is not. This means any security that is deep within the core of Python may be available sooner.

There should be no direct security impact.

Notifications Impact


Other End User Impact


Performance Impact

Performance profiles for Python 2 and 3 are different. In some cases the performance will improve and in some cases it will deteriorate. It should be a relative wash performance wise in the worst case scenario.

Other Deployer Impact

Deployers will be able to use Python 3.4 instead of only Python 2.7

Developer Impact

Developers will be required to use only libraries and mechanisms that are compatible with both Python 2.7 and Python 3.x. This is not wildly different than today, just a little more work in some cases (such as handling bytes types vs text types).



David Stanek <dstanek> Morgan Fainberg <mdrnstm>

Work Items

  • Replace python-ldap with ldap3

  • Replace python-memcache with pymemcache

  • Identify and replace Python 3.x incompatible code in the keystone code base.


  • Global requirements will need to include ldap3

Documentation Impact

No significant documentation changes.