Role Assignment Notifications

bp role-assignment-notifications

In the Juno release, expand on the notifications that are emitted from Keystone by adding support for role assignments.

Problem Description

Suppose a user maliciously decides to grant a role assignment to another user he or she shouldn’t have, or remove another user’s role assignment. As of the Icehouse release, it would only be possible to figure out the responsible party by looking at Keystone logs. If Keystone were to emit notifications for these types of events, auditing would become much easier.

Proposed Change

  1. Create a new decorator to emit CADF notifications for create_grant and delete_grant events.

  2. Within the payload of the CADF notification should be the role id, the user id or group id (the actor), and the project id or domain id (the target).


The admin may look at Keystone logs to find the responsible user; however, this could be very hard to do, given the size of the log file.

Security Impact


Notifications Impact

Create CADF notifications for create_grant and delete_grant at the manager level of the assignment API.

Other End User Impact


Performance Impact


Other Deployer Impact

The audit events generated by the CADF notifications can now be audited.

Developer Impact




Primary assignee:

Work Items

  • Expose create_grant to the manager level. Note that delete_grant is already exposed at the manager level.

  • Create a new decorator specific to role assignments.



Documentation Impact

Enhance the existing documentation to include the expected payload for a role assignment event.