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As of the Juno release, Keystone emits two types of notifications. A simple kind that is typically used as a callback function, that just has a resource id as the only payload. The other is a CADF styled notification which contains information that is useful for auditing.

Problem Description

There has been more demand for cloud deployers to have the ability to audit everything. This includes tasks such as project creation and deletion, as well as role assignment creation and deletion. As such, we should start to support these deployers by sending a notification with sufficient data to perform a successful audit.

Proposed Change

Create CADF notifications upon a create, update, and deleted events for the following resources:

  • group

  • project (i.e. tenant)

  • role

  • user

  • trust (immutable resource - no update notification)

  • region

  • endpoint

  • service

  • policy

Note: We will not be removing the simple notifications as they are useful for callback functions, and there is already some support in Ceilometer for these notifications. Barbican also relies on these as callbacks.


Keep things as-is

Security Impact


Notifications Impact

More CADF notifications

Other End User Impact


Performance Impact


Other Deployer Impact


Developer Impact




Primary assignee:

Work Items

  • Attempt to leverage the existing CADF decorators to create the payload for the notification and send it off.

  • Possibly refactor the existing CADF decorator to be a bit more flexible.



Documentation Impact

Update the notifications sections of documentation, possibly create a new section for CADF notifications.