Alembic Migrations

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Move from SQLALChemy-migrate to Alembic as the tool for maintaining SQL Repos.

Problem Description

The OpenStack community is gradually moving away from using sqlalchemy-migrate in favor of Alembic. In order to allow various projects within the community time to make the switch, OpenStack is maintaining a fork of sqlalchemy-migrate. Keystone needs to follow suit, or we will be using an unsupported tool.

Proposed Change

Continue using sqlalchemy-migrate for the current set of migrations. All new migrations will use Alembic.

Alembic migrations will run after sqlachemy-migrate migrations on upgrade and vice versa on downgrade. oslo.db’s migration_cli utilities will be used.

In two releases, we should be able to collapse the last of the sqlalchemy-migrate based migrations into a base Alembic based migration.

Security Impact


Notifications Impact


Other End User Impact


Performance Impact


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Developer Impact

Existing modules that need migrations will need to create an “alembic” directory along with “migrate_repo”. It can be done using alembic init alembic command in the directory with the module.



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Work Items

  • Start using migration_cli from oslo.db with disabled Alembic

  • Create Alembic repos where sqlalchemy-migrate is now used, add a requirement to have Alembic repos if migrations are required and remove a requirement to have a “repo_migrate”.


The feature requires to have a new dependency for Keystone – “Alembic”. Now Alembic is required anyway by oslo.db, which is a requirement for Keystone.

Documentation Impact

  • Describe how to create migrations with Alembic