Trove support in python-openstackclient

Trove support in python-openstackclient

Implement a new set of trove commands as python-openstackclient plugins.

Launchpad Blueprint:

Problem Description

python-openstackclient is becoming the default command line client for many OpenStack projects. Trove would benefit from implementing all of its client commands as a single python-openstackclient plugin implemented in the python-troveclient repository.

Proposed Change

The intent of this spec is to identify the commands to be implemented and establish conventions for command and argument names. This spec is not intended to be a full and correct specification of command and argument names. The details can be left to the code reviews for the commands themselves.

The following conventions will be adopted for command names:

  • As per the OpenStackClient convention, the command name shall always take the following form:

openstack [<global-options>] <object-1> <action> [<object-2>] \

The following conventions will be adopted for arguments and argument flags:

  • Single character flags will be avoided as per the openstack convention, except for very common arguments.

  • When the database or cluster name and ID are specified it will be the first and second positional arguments respectively after the full command names.

  • When an argument is required it will be a positional argument.

The following trove commands are already implemented for openstack:

trove secgroup-add-rule
openstack security group rule create

trove secgroup-delete-rule
openstack security group rule delete

trove secgroup-list
openstack security group list

trove secgroup-list-rules
openstack security group rule list

The following trove commands will be implemented for openstack initially suggesting these command names:

trove backup-create <instance> <name>
openstack database backup create <instance> <name>

trove backup-delete <backup>
openstack database backup delete <backup>

trove backup-list
openstack database backup list

trove backup-list-instance <instance>
openstack database backup list <instance>

trove backup-show <backup>
openstack database backup show <backup>

trove cluster-create <name> <datastore> <datastore_version>
openstack database cluster create <name> <datastore> <datastore_version>

trove cluster-delete <cluster>
openstack database cluster delete <cluster>

trove cluster-list
openstack database cluster list

trove cluster-modules <cluster>
openstack database module list cluster <cluster>

trove cluster-show <cluster>
openstack database cluster show <cluster>

trove configuration-attach <instance> <configuration>
openstack database configuration add <instance> <configuration>

trove configuration-create <name> <values>
openstack database configuration create <name> <values>

trove configuration-default <instance>
openstack database configuration show <instance>

trove configuration-delete <configuration_group>
openstack database configuration delete <configuration_group>

trove configuration-detach <instance>
openstack database configuration remove <instance>

trove configuration-instances <configuration_group>
openstack database configuration list --instance <configuration_group>

trove configuration-list
openstack database configuration list

trove configuration-parameter-list <datastore_version>
openstack database configuration parameter list <datastore_version>

trove configuration-parameter-show <datastore_version> <parameter>
openstack database configuration parameter show <datastore_version> <parameter>

trove configuration-patch <configuration_group> <values>
openstack database configuration set --patch <configuration_group> <values>

trove configuration-show <configuration_group>
openstack database configuration show <configuration_group>

trove configuration-update <configuration_group> <values>
openstack database configuration set <configuration_group> <values>

trove create <name> <flavor>
openstack database cluster create <name> <datastore> <datastore_version>

trove database-create <instance> <name>
openstack database add <instance> <name>

trove database-delete <instance> <database>
openstack database remove <instance> <database>

trove database-list <instance>
openstack database list <instance>

trove datastore-list
openstack datastore list

trove datastore-show <datastore>
openstack datastore show <datastore>

trove datastore-version-list <datastore>
openstack datastore version list <datastore>

trove datastore-version-show <datastore_version>
openstack datastore version show <datastore_version>

trove delete <instance>
openstack database cluster delete <cluster>

trove detach-replica <instance>
openstack database replica unset <instance>

trove flavor-list
openstack database flavor list

trove flavor-show <flavor>
openstack database flavor show <flavor>

trove limit-list
openstack database limits list

trove list
openstack database instance list
openstack database cluster list

trove module-apply <instance> <module>
openstack database instance set module <instance> <module>

trove module-create <name> <type> <filename>
openstack database module create <name> <type> <filename>

trove module-delete <module>
openstack database module delete <module>

trove module-instances <module>
openstack database instance list module <module>

trove module-list
openstack database module list

trove module-list-instance <instance>
openstack database module list instance <instance>

trove module-query <instance>
openstack database instance list module <instance> --status

trove module-remove <instance> <module>
openstack database instance remove module <instance> <module>

trove module-retrieve <instance>
openstack database instance show module <instance>

trove module-show <module>
openstack database module show <module>

trove module-update <module>
openstack database module set <module>

trove resize-instance <instance> <flavor>
openstack database instance resize <instance> <flavor>
openstack database cluster resize <cluster> <flavor>

trove resize-volume <instance> <size>
openstack database instance volume resize <instance> <size>
openstack database cluster volume resize <cluster> <size>

trove restart <instance>
openstack database instance restart <instance>
openstack database cluster restart <cluster>

trove root-enable <instance_or_cluster>
openstack database set --root <instance_or_cluster>

trove root-show <instance_or_cluster>
openstack database show --root <instance_or_cluster>

trove show <instance>
openstack database cluster show <cluster>

trove update <instance>
openstack database cluster set <cluster>

trove user-create <instance> <name> <password>
openstack database user create <instance> <name> <password>

trove user-delete <instance> <name>
openstack database user delete <instance> <name>

trove user-grant-access <instance> <name> <databases>
openstack database user add --access <instance> <name> <databases>

trove user-list <instance>
openstack database user list <instance>

trove user-revoke-access <instance> <name> <database>
openstack database user remove --access <instance> <name> <database>

trove user-show <instance> <name>
openstack database user show <instance> <name>

trove user-show-access <instance> <name>
openstack database user show --access <instance> <name>

trove user-update-attributes <instance> <name>
openstack database user set --attributes <instance> <name>





Public API


Public API Security


Python API


CLI (python-troveclient)

A new directory named osc will be created under /troveclient/osc for the OpenStackClient plugin and the commands mentioned above.

Internal API


Guest Agent




Dashboard Impact (UX)




Primary assignee:


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Target Milestone for completion:


Work Items

CLI commands as stated above. Integration tests Functional tests

Upgrade Implications



python-openstackclient osc-lib


Functional tests will be located in: /troveclient/tests/osc/ Functional testing will test the inputs and outputs of listed commands. Integration tests will verify the OpenStackClient plugin is working with other projects. These should be placed in /trove/tests/tempest/tests/api

Documentation Impact

OpenStack Client adoption list will be updated to include python-troveclient.



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Except where otherwise noted, this document is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. See all OpenStack Legal Documents.

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