Add instance name as parameter to various CLI commands

Add instance name as parameter to various CLI commands


The proposal is to allow instance-name to be specified wherever instance-ID is currently used throughout the CLI.

Problem Description

Currently, only the “trove show” command will take instance-ID or instance-name as its parameter. There are many more commands in the CLI that require an instance reference as a parameter but require that the instance-ID be used. It would be helpful to customers to be able to use instance-ID or instance-name interchangeably throughtout the CLI.

Proposed Change

Allow instance-id or instance-name to be passed in for the following commands:

  • backup-create

  • backup-list-instance

  • configuration-attach

  • configuration-default

  • configuration-detach

  • database-create

  • database-delete

  • database-list

  • detach-replica

  • delete

  • metadata-create

  • metadata-delete

  • metadata-edit

  • metadata-list

  • metadata-show

  • metadata-update

  • resize-flavor

  • resize-instance

  • resize-volume

  • restart

  • root-enable

  • root-show

  • update

  • user-create

  • user-delete

  • user-grant-access

  • user-list

  • user-revoke-access

  • user-show

  • user-show-access

  • user-update-attributes

For example, trove delete currently looks like this:

usage: trove delete <instance>

Deletes an instance.

Positional arguments:
    <instance>  ID of the instance.

The proposal is to make it look like this:

usage: trove delete <instance>

Deletes an instance.

Positional arguments:
    <instance>  ID or name of the instance.

This will be a CLI change only.

Currently the trove show command will display an error if there is more than one instance with the name provided. The error indicates that, in this case, the instance ID must be used. This behavior will be preserved and used across all the commands mentioned above.





Public API


Public API Security


Internal API


Guest Agent






Primary assignees:

  • 0-doug (dougshelley66)

  • peterstac


Target Milestone for completion:


Work Items

  1. Go through python-troveclient/troveclient/v1/ and call _find_instance(cs, args.instance) ahead of the “real” work in each “do_<>” method.

  2. Alter the help text in to indicate the use of name or ID.

  3. Alter the existing unit tests as appropriate.




If we had Tempest coverage for the CLI it would be adjusted to exercise passing instance name to all the altered commands. Also, there is an existing LP bug [1] that indicates we should write tests for the CLI.

Both of these are considered out of scope for this BP.


Documentation Impact

The help text for the aforementioned commands will be altered to now include instance name as a valid parameter. I believe that the CLI documentation is generated from the code.



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