DB2 Express-C guest agent for Trove

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DB2 Express-C guest agent for Trove

Launchpad blueprint:


Problem Description

The aim of this blueprint is to enable Trove to support a new datastore type - DB2, in addition to the other SQL databases supported by Trove. For the first release, we will be using DB2 Express-C v10.5.4(on Ubuntu) which is the free version of DB2 available for enterprises.

The following features will be implemented: Launch, Reboot, Terminate, Resize and Users.

Proposed Change

To add support for this new datastore, we need to implement the following:

  • Add a new diskimage-builder element for DB2 Express-C on Ubuntu

  • Implement the various datastore features like:

    • Launch

    • Reboot

    • Terminate

    • Resize

    • Users


A new configuration group for DB2 and the different configuration options specific to it will be defined in /trove/common/cfg.py.

Some of the examples for the configuration options are:

  • tcp_ports

  • udp_ports

  • backup_strategy

  • backup_incremental_strategy

  • mount_point

  • volume_support

  • device_path

  • backup_namespace

  • restore_namespace

  • cluster_support

  • replication_strategy



Public API


Internal API


Guest Agent

This requires implementing the various datastore features(API) for DB2 like Launch, Reboot, Terminate, Backup, Restore, Resize and Users. This will include adding the following new files specific to DB2 under the guestagent module:

  • manager.py

  • service.py

  • system.py

These changes wont affect the behavior of the guestagent or its interaction with other components.

Disk-Image-Builder Elements

DB2 Express-C is the free version of IBM DB2 database available for download. Inorder to download the packages for DB2 Express-C, user needs to go through a free registration process.

Unlike other datastores supported by Trove, DB2 Express-C cannot be downloaded from a public repository. Hence the recommendation for creating DIB elements for DB2 Express-C is to have users go through the registration process and download the DB2 Express-C packages from the link provided in Reference Section [1]. The downloaded packages can be made available to Trove by storing it in a private repository or on the local filesystem. Create an extra-data.d element to then copy the package to the image. Use the environment variable, DATASTORE_PKG_LOCATION to specify the location of the package.








  • Add new unit tests for the DB2 Express-C guestAgent

  • Add integration tests for end-to-end feature testing:

    • create/delete instance

    • create/delete/list databases

    • create/delete/list users

Documentation Impact

The DB2 Express-C packages can be downloaded from the link provided in Reference Section [1]. Click on the link “DB2 Express-C for Linux 64-bit”. New users can either get an IBM ID or click on the “Proceed without an IBM ID”. Users will have to register first inorder to download the packages. After downloading the packages, users can make it accessible to Trove for building guest images by:

  • storing it in a private repository and defining the variable ‘DATASTORE_PKG_LOCATION’ to be the base url of the private repository

  • storing it on the local filesystem in a directory accessible to the DB2 DIB element and setting the ‘DATASTORE_PKG_LOCATION’ to point to this directory.

For example, DATASTORE_PKG_LOCATION can be set as follows:

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