Move the Trove Guest Agent to its own module

Move the Trove Guest Agent to its own module

Currently the guestagent code is part of the trove package. This blueprint’s goal is to refactor the guestagent and common functions into new top level packages, so that the guestagent can be deployed onto instances independently.

Note: Splitting the guestagent into its own repo was a requirement in the original specification. However, it was determined at the Kilo Mid Cycle that doing so would introduce dependencies between trove components that is difficult to maintain.

For example, commits for AMQP / API message changes between trove core and guestagent would need to be manually coordinated if trove and the guestagent were in separate repos.

Since the overhead of such coordination outweighs the benefit of splitting the guestagent into its own repo, we’ll proceed with the splitting at the directory level, but defer the repo splitting until further discussions.

Problem description

This blueprint will bring upon the following improvements:

  • Simplify installation of the guestagent on instances.

  • Reduce the amount of code that is deployed on instances.

  • Lower the memory footprint of the guestagent by not importing unnecessary code from Trove core.

Proposed change


  • A new top level oslo.cfg for the troveguest will be added. (This should be a small subset of the values in trove.common.cfg)

  • The values in trove.common.cfg that are specifically for the guest will be removed.

  • It is possible that some configuration values will need to be added.



Public API


Internal API


Guest Agent

1) The guestagent code will be moved to a top level module in the existing trove repository called ‘troveguest’.

2) The import statements will be changed from ‘trove.guestagent’ to ‘troveguest’

3) Imports for common functions will be updated. See the “Common Code” section below for details.

4) The code that currently rsyncs the code over to instances in development will be changed to just include the ‘troveguest’ and common function modules. (It is possible that another delivery method will be used, however that should probably be done in its own blueprint)

Common Code

The guestagent currently uses a large amount of common code in trove.common (/opt/stack/trove/trove/common) and trove.openstack.common (/opt/stack/trove/trove/openstack/common).

Code under the “trove.common” module will be moved up to a “common” module:

/opt/stack/trove/trove/common -> /opt/stack/trove/common

All import statements will be changed from ‘trove.common’to ‘common’

Code under the “trove.openstack.common” module will be moved up to a “common.openstack” module:

/opt/stack/trove/trove/openstack/common -> /opt/stack/trove/common/openstack

All import statements will be changed from ‘trove.openstack.common’to ‘common.openstack’

Splitting the common modules out of trove allows the guestagent and the common module to be deployed onto an instance independently. We’ll no longer need to deploy the whole trove code tree onto the guest instance just because the guestagent needs to use some common functions.





Primary assignee:

  • Robert Myers (robertmyers)

  • Simon Chang (schang)


Target Milestone for completion:


Work Items

Stage 1

Add a new package to the [files] section of setup.cfg:

packages =

Move the trove/guestagent module up one level, and name it “troveguest”. All references of “trove.guestagent” will be changed to “troveguest”.

The new module layout will look like the following:

    troveguest/   < --- new module

Stage 2

Move the “trove.common” module up one level to “common”, and the “trove.openstack.common” into “common.openstack”. See the “Common Code” section for detail. Rename imports.

The new module layout will look like the following:

    common/   < --- moved from /opt/stack/trove/trove/common
    common/openstack   < --- /opt/stack/trove/trove/openstack/common




The guestagent tests need to be split out from the trove.tests modules, then we need to make sure the tests are discovered properly.

Possibly modify tox.ini:

basepython = python2.7
commands =
    {envpython} --group=does_not_exist
    coverage erase
    python testr --coverage
    coverage run -a
    coverage run -a troveguest/
    coverage html
    coverage report

Documentation Impact

Any docs or config file content that reference the old trove.guestagent and common module paths will need to be updated. For example:


Kilo mid cycle discussion notes:

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