DB2 Backup And Restore

DB2 Backup And Restore

The DB2 Express C datastore in Trove lacks backup and restore functionality at the moment. This blueprint aims at adding the feature of backup and restore to DB2 in Trove.

Launchpad Blueprint: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/trove/+spec/db2-backup-restore

Problem Description

Currently, there is no way to create backups of DB2 databases using Trove nor is it possible to perform a restore from a backup. Since this functionality is core to a data model and typical use case, it is imperative for Trove to add it.

Proposed Change

The simplest form of database backup and restore will be implemented for DB2 creating a backup image in a default location. Since by default, DB2 databases are in a circular logging mode, it isn’t possible to take an online backup. Therefore a full offline backup functionality will be implemented by this feature 1 . At this time, incremental backups for db2 will not be supported. The LIST UTILITIES command will be used to monitor the process. 2


The backup procedure for DB2 will follow a process as below. 3

  • Determine the directory where the backups are written. For DB2 databases the default directory location can be found in the config file (/etc/db2/db2 .conf)

  • Check if sufficient disk space is available for the backup on the instance.

  • Initiate a DB2 backup through the cli. The BACKUP DATABASE command will be used for this purpose.

  • Once the backup is complete, compress/encrypt the backup inside the volume storage. The name of the backup file will have the following format - DB_alias.Type.Inst_name.NODEnnnn.CATNnnnn.timestamp.Seq_num

  • The db2ckbkp command will be used to display information about existing backup images. This will verify the newly created database backup.

  • The compressed/encrypted file can then be stored in Swift under the database_backups container.

  • The old backup files can then be deleted on the VM once stored in Swift.

Since db2 only supports streaming to named pipes, the backup cannot be performed in a single step and will first need to store the backup file on the VM. 4


In order to restore a DB2 database from backup, the following procedure will be followed. 5

  • Determine the directory where the backup files are stored

  • Ensure that no other applications are running against the database

  • Retrieve the backup from storage to the proper location

  • Use the RESTORE DATABASE command to recover the database


The default configuration values of the following will need to change to correspond to the respective DB2 locations.

  • backup_strategy

  • backup_namespace

  • restore_namespace



Public API

The implmentation of the DB2 backup and restore functionality will allow users to use several CLI commands for the DB2 datastore.

Public API Security


Python API


CLI (python-troveclient)

The following commands will be functional for DB2

  • backup-create

  • backup-delete

  • backup-list

  • backup-list-instance

  • backup-show

  • create –backup

Internal API


Guest Agent

The DB2 guest agent will be modified to support backup and restore. In particular the following files will have added components-


The following existing files will be updated:


It will be backwards compatible with API and Task Manager.


The other type of backup that can be implmented is online backup so the database won’t need to shut down before taking backups. However, for online backups to be implemented, the database must have archive logging options. At this time it is not possible to specify logging options for DB2 databases in Trove. Once users can configure other logging options like archive logging, online backup can be implemented.

Dashboard Impact (UX)

TBD (section added after approval)



Primary assignee:



Target Milestone for completion:


Work Items

  • Implement backup and restore API calls.

  • Write associated test cases.

Upgrade Implications





Unit tests will be added as necessary for the backup and restore functionality. Also, a db2 helper will be added to the existing int-test framework.

Documentation Impact

The DB2 Trove documentation should be updated to indicate that backup and restore is supported.



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