Apache CouchDB plugin for Trove

Apache CouchDB plugin for Trove

Launchpad blueprint:


Problem Description

The aim of this blueprint is to enable Trove to support a new datastore type - Apache CouchDB v1.6.1 on Ubuntu and Fedora, in addition to the other NoSQL databases supported by Trove.

Proposed Change

To add support for this new datastore, we need to implement the following: - Add a new diskimage-builder element for Apache CouchDB on Ubuntu and Fedora - Implement the various datastore features like:

- Launch
- Reboot
- Terminate
- Backup
- Restore
- Resize
- Replication


A new configuration group for CouchDB and the different configuration options specific to CouchDB in /trove/common/cfg.py.

Some of the examples for the configuration options are:

- tcp_ports
- udp_ports
- backup_strategy
- mount_point
- usage_timeout
- volume_support
- device_path



Public API


Internal API


Guest Agent

This requires implementing the various datastore feature for Apache CouchDB like Launch, Reboot, Terminate,Backup, Restore, Resize and Replication. This will include adding the following files specific to Apache CouchDB under the guestagent/datastore module:

- manager.py
- service.py
- system.py

In addition to this, there will also be a class under guestagent/strategies/backup to implement the backup and restore features and another class under guestagent/strategies/replication to implement the replication feature. CouchDB uses the replication interface to do backups hence we will only be implementing full backups for this release.

These changes wont affect the behavior of the guestagent or its interaction with other components.








  • Add new unit tests for the CouchDB guestAgent

  • Add integration tests for end-to-end feature testing:

    - create/delete instance
    - create/restore backups
    - replication

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