support live migration with virtual persistent memory

Live migration with virtual persistent memory (vpmem for short) is supported by QEMU and Libvirt. This spec seeks to enable this support in OpenStack Nova.

Problem description

Basic functions for virtual persistent memory are supported in OpenStack Nova from Train release, including resource tracking and creating/resizing instance with virtual persistent memory, etc. See virtual persistent memory spec. Pre-copy live migration with virtual persistent memory is supported by QEMU and Libvirt, post-copy with vpmem is not supported, so this spec seeks to enable pre-copy live migration with vpmem.

Currently vpmems are stored in instance.resources as ResourceMetadata object, or stored in migration_context when migrating. As far as Nova concerned, several problems need to be addressed:

  • Disable post-copy live migration with vpmem even if post-copy is enabled by nova configuration

  • Claim resources from placement when migrating

  • Assign specific resources to instance according to the allcations from placement and track them

  • Prepare dest xml on the source host, which is used to launch live migration, that means we need to bring the resources info claimed on dest host to source host

  • vpmem resources need cleanup correctly after live migration successes/fails

Use Cases

Administrator needs the virtual persistent memory data migrated correctly during live migration.

Proposed change

  • Nova Conductor: if we specify parameter ‘host’ and ‘force’ for live migration, current code will firstly assign specific resources to instance on dest host and then claim resources from placement, we need reverse the order since we rely on allocations getting from placement to assign specific resources, which is also our proposed change in following Nova compute. Before live migration starts, we need check and reject vpmem live migration if the source host or dest host doesn’t support live migration with vpmem.

  • Nova Compute: use resource tracker to assign and track specific resources on the dest host according to the allocations from placement, and stored in instance.migration_context (reuse the code introduced by vpmem resize implementation)

  • Libvirt Driver change for vpmem post-copy disable: if the instance has vpmems, disable the post-copy live migration even if post-copy is enabled by Nova configuration

  • Libvirt Driver change for vpmem xml: prepare dest xml on source host for live migration, update the dest virtual persistent memory info into dest xml

  • Libvirt Driver change for vpmem cleanup: If live migration fails, rollback_live_migration_at_destination will cleanup vpmems from instance.resources, but instance.resources is still pointing at the resources on source host. There are other similar cleanup issues. We can pass one more parameter to driver.cleanup to tell this cleanup is on source/dest host. Alternatively, we can use the mutated_migration_context to switch instance.resources to new resources on dest host temporarily. It’s implementation detail which should be determined when coding. In a word, we should be careful about vpmem cleanup, especially during migration.



Data model impact

We are using the existing instance.migration_context bring the dest vpmems info to source host.

REST API impact


Security impact


Notifications impact


Other end user impact


Performance Impact

In virtualization layer, QEMU will copy vpmem over the network like volatile memory. But due to the typical large capacity of vpmem, it may takes longer time for live migration. If the instance workloads was actively writing to the vpmem, the live migration might never complete which goes for standard memory as well.

Other deployer impact


Developer impact


Upgrade impact

Both source and dest host needs upgrade, then live migration with vpmem will be supported, otherwise it will be rejected.



Primary assignee:


Other contributors:

xuhj rui-zang

Feature Liaison


Work Items

  • implement virtual persistent memory live migration management in Nova

  • get 3rd party CI tests ready


  • Kernel version >= 4.2

  • QEMU version >= 3.1.0

  • Libvirt version >= 5.0.0

  • ndctl version >= 62

  • daxio version >= 1.4.1


  • unittests

  • Third party CI is required for testing on real hardware. For existing virtual persistent memory feature in Nova, there are 2 tempest tests, creating and same host resizing running in the 3rd party CI. Besides, multinode cold migration, live migration, and shelve/unshelve tests are required.

Documentation Impact

Update virtual persistent memory document in Nova “advanced configuration” to notify administrator that live migration with virtual persistent memory is supported in Nova.




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