Support specifying az when restore shelved server

This blueprint proposes support admin/user to specify availability_zone to unshelve a shelved server.

Problem description

If the current instance is in the SHELVED_OFFLOADED status, then its availability_zone attribute will be set to None in the instances database table (this change comes from [1]). But the spec attribute records the value of the AZ of the instance before being shelved in the request_specs database table. When unshelve the server, the value of AZ will be taken from spec as ‘instance.availability_zone’.

There are two ways an instance can be in an AZ:

1. The user passes an AZ on server create or
2. [DEFAULT]/default_schedule_zone is set.

For the above two cases, the RequestSpec.availability_zone will always remain in the user-specified or [DEFAULT]/default_schedule_zone AZ, even if the AZ is later renamed and [DEFAULT]/default_schedule_zone is changed, or that server is on shelve/unshelve, there is a related bug here [2].

Once the AZ in spec is missing, unshelve server will have an error.

Use Cases

As a administrator/user, I want to specify AZ when executing unshelve/restore a shelved-offloaded server.

Proposed change

Add a new microversion to the unshelve/restore shelved server (unshelve Action) API to support specifying AZ to restore a shelved server.

If the operator configures cross_az_attach=False [3] in nova.conf, in the [cinder] group, the server create flow will fail if the specified AZ does not match the volumes being attached to the server. Unshelve should likely also fail for the same reason, but to figure that out we’d have to iterate the volumes (via BDMs) attached to the server and determine if their AZ matches the user-specified AZ and if not, fail the unshelve request, and return a badRequest(400) response, this needs to be checked as an edge case in the API.

Add availability_zone attribute to unshelve Action request body.

The availability_zone parameter for unshelve will just be an availability zone, not the ZONE:HOST:NODE (admin-only) format available during server create which, when HOST and/or NODE are specified, will forcefully bypass the scheduler.


Creating a server from the shelved snapshot image in another AZ (or just avoid shelve/unshelve altogether and snapshot the server, delete it, and then create with the new AZ). The downside is you lose the ports/volumes you had connected to the previous server.

Another alternative is the AZ rename/delete code could be changed to prevent renaming/deleting an AZ while there are shelved offloaded servers that were created in that AZ. This, however, would not be scalable because we’d have to get and deserialize every RequestSpec for every SHELVED_OFFLOADED server just to see if it had a matching AZ. In other words, because the RequestSpec is a serialized json string in the database, we cannot do a simple DB query to efficiently get this information.

Data model impact


REST API impact

  • URL:
    • /v2.1/servers/{server_id}/action

  • Request method:
    • POST

The availability zone data will be able to add to request payload

    "unshelve": {
        "availability_zone": 'beijing'

The availability_zone field is optional.

If the server status is ‘SHELVED’ rather than ‘SHELVED_OFFLOADED’ and an AZ is specified the API will return a badRequest(400) response, otherwise if my server was created in AZ1, I shelved it (but didn’t offload it yet), and then unshelved and specified AZ2 but the server doesn’t end up in AZ2, this request will be ignored, because of that will be start instance directly. So this change only supports the case where the server status is ‘SHELVED_OFFLOADED’.

Security impact


Notifications impact


Other end user impact

The python-novaclient and python-openstackclient will be updated.

Performance Impact


Other deployer impact


Developer impact


Upgrade impact




Primary assignee:

Brin Zhang

Work Items

  • Add a new microversion to the unshelve/restore shelved server (unshelve Action) API

  • Add related tests




  • Add related unit tests

  • Add related functional tests

Documentation Impact

Add docs that mention unshelve/restore shelved server after the microversion.



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