Show server numa topology

Add NUMA into new sub-resource GET /servers/{server_id}/topology API.

Problem description

There is server-related NUMA information that is useful to both end user and admin but currently there is no available API to retrieve that information.

The APIs GET /servers and GET /servers/{id} can list extra specs which may contain some hints about the guest NUMA topology but it is not easy to interpret.

Use Cases

  • The admin wants to see the topology (RAM, CPU) without logging in to the guest VM.

  • The admin wants a unified way to get topology information, independent of how the various guest OSes expose it.

  • The admin wants to know the virtual-to-physical mapping for one or more instances for the purpose of debugging, and needs to make sure the NUMA topology is what it’s supposed to be, and is correctly mapped onto the host.

  • The end user could have all of the above abilities if the admin allowed them by changing the default policy rules.

Proposed change

In Nova, the InstanceNUMATopology object contains groups of related properties, like the amount of memory managed by a NUMA cell and the vCPU thread to logical host processor mapping. This spec proposes an API to present NUMA information, the cpu topology and memory page sizes.

This spec proposes a new sub-resource topology to the servers API:

GET /servers/{server_id}/topology

This API is admin only by default, it could be exposed to users/roles by changing the default policy rule.

The topology API returns the NUMA cell information for a server, including the memory, cpuset, siblings, CPU pinning, host NUMA node number, cpu topology and page size.

If there is no NUMA information available, the corresponding key’s value will simply be set to None.


Instead of putting this information into GET /servers/{server_id}/topology, there are two other options:

  • add NUMA information into the existing sub-resource diagnostics: GET /servers/{server_id}/diagnostics returns the NUMA information for one server. As NUMA toplogy does not change for a given server, it’s better put under a new topology sub-resource.

  • put the NUMA information under GET /servers/{id} and GET /servers/detail. This would negatively affect performance as it needs an additional database query (via the InstanceNUMATopology object’s get_by_instance_uuid method).

Data model impact


REST API impact

API GET /servers/{server_id}/topology will show NUMA information with a new microversion.

The returned information for NUMA topology:

      # overall policy: TOPOLOGY % 'index
                   # Host Numa Node
                   # control by policy TOPOLOGY % 'index:host_info'
                   "host_numa_node": 3,

                   # control by policy TOPOLOGY % 'index:host_info'
                   # 0:5 means vcpu 0 pinning to pcpu 5
                   "cpu_pinning": {0:5, 1:6, 2:3, 3:8},

                   "vcpu_set": [0,1,2,3],
                   "siblings": [[0,1],[2,3]],

                   "memory_mb": 1024,
                ], # nodes
     "cpu_topology": {
                         # toltal sockets
                         # cores per socket
                         # thread per core

     "pagesize_kb": 4,

Security impact

  • The fine-grained information exposed by this API is admin only by default, and the control policy TOPOLOGY % 'index:host_info' is used to keep host only information to admin while this API is exposed to the end user.

  • Add new topology policy, admin only by default:

    TOPOLOGY = 'os_compute_api:servers:topology:%s'
    server_topology_policies = [
                "Show the topology data for a server",
                        'method': 'GET',
                        'path': '/servers/{server_id}/topology'
                # control host numa node and cpu pin information
                TOPOLOGY % 'index:host_info',
                "Show the host specific topology data for a servers",
                        'method': 'GET',
                        'path': '/servers/{server_id}/topology'

Notifications impact


Other end user impact

  • python novaclient and python-openstackclient should be extended to display numa_topology information.

Performance Impact


Other deployer impact


Developer impact


Upgrade impact




Primary assignee:

Yongli He

Work Items

  • Add a new microversion for this change.




  • Add functional api_sample tests.

Documentation Impact

The API document should be changed to introduce this new feature.




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