Expose supported power states


This SPEC proposes adding a new API to expose supported power states of nodes. This API would be helpful to see if a power action is supported by a node because it depends on whether a power interface supports power actions such as soft power off and soft reboot.

Problem description

Ironic supports soft shutdown and soft reboot since Ocata. However, not all power interfaces support these new power actions. A new API would be necessary to see if a power action is supported by a node. This proposed API is similar to the one for getting a node’s supported boot devices, which is described here.

Proposed change

The new APIs will be introduced to get the current power status and the supported power states of nodes. See the ‘REST API impact’ section and for the details:

  • GET /v1/nodes/{node_ident}/states/power

  • GET /v1/nodes/{node_ident}/states/power/supported

The new CLI will be also added for the new APIs. See the ‘Client (CLI) impact’ section and for the details:

  • openstack baremetal node power show [--supported] <node>


There is another option to only add a new API to get supported power states. There are also a few other options to support the API by the CLI:

  • Add a new option to display the supported power states to openstack baremetal node show.

  • Add a new subcommand to show the supported power states like: openstack baremetal node supported power show.

However, the current design is better for consistency with the existing APIs and the CLI for the boot devices.

Data model impact


State Machine Impact


REST API impact

We will introduce the two APIs. They will be available starting with a new Bare Metal API version.

  • Get the current power state of a node:

    GET /v1/nodes/{node_ident}/states/power

    The response is like:

      "power_state": "power on"
  • Get the supported power states of a node:

    GET /v1/nodes/{node_ident}/states/power/supported

    The response contains supported power states of the node: For example:

      "supported_power_states": [
        "power on",
        "power off",
        "soft rebooting",
        "soft power off"

Client (CLI) impact

The openstack baremetal CLI will support the new API.

“ironic” CLI


A new feature is no longer added to the “ironic” CLI.

“openstack baremetal” CLI

A new subcommnad will be added:

openstack baremetal node power show [--supported] <node>

Without the --supported option, this command displays the power state of the specified node. When the --supported option is specified, this command displays the supported power states.

RPC API impact

A new RPC API, get_supported_power_states will be added. This returns a list of the supported power states of the specified node synchronously.

Driver API impact


The driver API get_suuported_power_states was already defined in the base power interface. If a power interface doesn’t override the method, the default list which contains power on, power off, and reboot is returned.

Nova driver impact


The new API is available to see if a requested power action is supported or not. Though it might be helpful for the Nova driver, no change is planned currently.

Ramdisk impact


Security impact


Other end user impact


Scalability impact


Performance Impact


Other deployer impact


Developer impact




Primary assignee:

shiina-hironori (irc:hshiina)

Other contributors:


Work Items

  • Add the new RPC API.

  • Add the new Baremetal APIs.

  • Add the OSC baremetal subcommand.

  • Add a new API test to tempest.

  • Add the new APIs to the API reference.




An API test will be added to Tempest.

Upgrades and Backwards Compatibility


Documentation Impact

The new APIs will be added to the Baremetal API Reference.


This change was originally mentioned in reviewing a SPEC to support soft shutdown.: https://review.opendev.org/#/c/186700/