AMT PXE Driver

This blueprint implements a new driver – “PXEAndAMTDriver” which supports deployment for AMT/vPro system on Desktops.

Problem description

Currently there is no support with Ironic to do deployment for Desktops within AMT/vPro system. This BP will extend Ironic to Desktop area.

Proposed change

Implement a new driver – “PXEAndAMTDriver” – that uses amt to control the power of nodes with AMT System and uses pxe to deliver the image to nodes. Following are details,

  • Add new class PXEAndAMTDriver inherited from base.BaseDriver in ironic/drivers/

  • Add new class AMTPower inherited from base.PowerInterface in ironic/drivers/modules/amt/

    • validate() - Validate the node driver info

    • get_power_state() - Get the power state from the node

    • set_power_state() - Set the power state of the node, such as power on/off

    • reboot() - reboot the node

  • Add new class AMTMangement inherited from base.ManagementInterface in ironic/drivers/modules/amt/

    • validate() - Validate the node driver info

    • ensure_next_boot_device() - ensure the next boot device of the node


      AMT/vPro only accept the first boot device and ignore the rest if we send multiple _set_boot_device_order requests to AMT nodes. For example, when the user set boot device twice, the node will boot with the first one. So AMT driver only save amt_boot_device into DB via set_boot_device() and send the request to the node via ensure_next_boot_device() before set the node power on. So that AMT driver can support users to set boot device multiple times like other drivers.

    • set_boot_device() - Set the boot device of the node.


      As AMT/vPro doesn’t support set boot device persistent in BM node like BMC, it only set boot device for one time. So AMT driver call ensure_next_boot_device() between every power cycle if boot device is persistent. AMT driver saves amt_boot_device/amt_boot_persistent into node.driver_internal_info, which will be read by ensure_next_boot_device().

    • get_boot_device() - Get the boot device of the node

  • Add a condition to enable AMT driver to call ensure_next_boot_device in pxe._continue_deploy


    During PXE deploy processing, after finish dd, the target machine will reboot by ramdisk rather than Ironic. AMT Driver has to call ensure_next_boot_device again in _continue_deploy().


  • Save amt_boot_device and amt_boot_persistent in:
    • “driver_info” but user will aware the change of boot device and could be different from his input.

    • “extra” but not for use from inside Ironic.

Data model impact


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Performance Impact


Other deployer impact

The following driver_info fields are required:

  • amt_address: hostname or IP of AMT node

  • amt_password: password used for connect to AMT node

  • amt_username: username used for connect to AMT node

  • amt_protocol: protocol used for connect to AMT node (optional)

The following parameters are added into newly created [amt] section in ironic.conf.

  • protocol: default value of AMT (http/https) protocol. The default value is http

  • max_retry: default retries for AMT power operations. The default value is 3 times.

  • action_wait: default seconds for driver to wait for retries. The default value is 10 seconds.

Developer impact




Primary assignee:


Work Items

Implement PXEAndAMTDriver class inherited from base.BaseDriver.

Implement AMTPower class inherited from base.PowerInterface

Implement AMTManagement class inherited from base.managementInterface


openwsman-python package


AMT deprecated SOAP (amttool) support after the latest version 9.0. “Intel AMT 9.0 — SOAP(EOI) protocol removed.” So AMT only support WS-MAN protocol (openwsman) now. The solution with openwsman works for AMT 7.0/8.0/9.0. AMT 7.0 is released in 2010, so most PCs with vPro are involved.


Will add Unit Testing.

Upgrades and Backwards Compatibility


Documentation Impact

Will document the usage of this driver.