iLO IPA Deploy Driver

Add ability to provision proliant baremetal nodes (having iLO4 and beyond) by booting the baremetal node with virtual media and using IPA to deploy the image.

Problem description

IPA project provides a more powerful ramdisk for doing deploy from the conductor node. But IPA has the following issues:

  • Some customers don’t prefer PXE protocol in their environment because of the following issues:

    • PXE uses TFTP to transfer the files which is unreliable because it uses UDP.

    • PXE is not suited for some network topologies where the relaying of PXE requests might be required in routers to enable PXE working for the whole network.

  • Deployers require an extra tftp service to be running on the conductor node.

  • Currently the admin token required to call node’s vendorpassthru cannot be transmitted securely to the baremetal node.

Proposed change

The below review introduced a new mechanism for booting proliant machines with virtual media.

The methods setup_virtual_media_boot introduced in the above review can be used to boot up a baremetal node with the deploy ISO image. A new class IloVirtualMediaAgentDeploy can be added which will setup the machine to be booted with virtual media instead of PXE.

The vendor interface AgentVendorInterface can be reused to continue the deploy and complete it.

This change will also enable the admin token to be handed off securely to the baremetal node through OOB channel over virtual media.


The proliant machines can continue to work booting the agent ramdisk with PXE.

Data model impact

One new parameter deploy_iso will be used in driver_info to boot up the node for deploy. deploy_iso will contain the glance UUID of bootable ISO built with agent ramdisk.

REST API impact


Driver API impact


Nova driver impact


Security impact


Other end user impact


Scalability impact


Performance Impact


Other deployer impact

This method of deploy no longer requires an extra service (like tftp service in case of pxe driver) to be running on the conductor node.

Developer impact




Primary assignee:


Work Items

  • Add IloVirtualMediaAgentDeploy which implements base.DeployInterface.




Unit tests will be added for all the code. Tempest tests for this will be considered later.

Documentation Impact

The procedure for configuring the proliant baremetal node will need to be documented. This will be documented in rst format in doc/ directory in ironic source tree. The contents of this file can be put in ironic wiki as well.