BMC event framework!/story/2008366

The goal of this spec is to provide an API to manage subscriptions for BMC events. The user will be able to provide a URL where the BMC will post the events.

Non-goals: * Unify event formats or payloads across drivers.

  • Provide a way to poll for events.

  • Proxy notifications (see [RFE 2008555](!/story/2008555)).

  • Store events in ironic at all.

  • Update an existing subscription in the BMC, at this time, as some vendors support partial updates where as other vendors essentially require a delete/re-creation to perform an update. This may be something that can be added later, but it seems not feasible at this time.

  • Choosing EventTypes when creating a subscription won’t be supported, since option is deprecated since [EventDestination v1_5_0](

  • Support for creating subscriptions with HTTP Headers.

Problem description

Some BMC’s have support to subscribe to specific event notifications about the hardware (e.g., overheating, removal of the device).

  • As an ironic user, I want to configure the BMC to send event notifications about potential failures to a specific URI.

Proposed change


This RFE proposes a new top level ReST API subscriptions that will allow listing, creating and deleting subscriptions for nodes.

Subscriptions workflow

  1. Create a subscription POST /v1/nodes/<node_ident>/management/ subscriptions

  2. Delete a subscription DELETE /v1/nodes/<node_ident>/management/ subscriptions/<subscription_bmc_id>

  3. List subscriptions GET /v1/nodes/<node_ident>/management/subscriptions

  4. Show subscription GET /v1/nodes/<node_ident>/management/subscriptions/ <subscription_bmc_id>


The user can directly access the BMC and configure the subscriptions.

Data model impact


State Machine Impact


REST API impact

Update the REST API for the node object to allow create/delete/list event subscriptions.

  • GET /v1/nodes/<node_ident>/management/subscriptions

    Retrieves a list of all subscriptions available. Returns a JSON object listing all available subscriptions or empty list.

    Error codes:

    • 404 - Node Not Found / microversion not high enough for API consumer.

    Example response object:

      "subscriptions": [
          "id": "<subscription_bmc_id1>",
          "links": [
              "href": "<node_id>/management/
              "rel": "self"
              "href": "<node_id>/management/
              "rel": "bookmark"
          "id": "<subscription_bmc_id2>",
          "links": [
              "href": "<node_id>/management/
              "rel": "self"
              "href": "<node_id>/management/
              "rel": "bookmark"
  • GET /v1/nodes/<node_ident>/management/subscriptions/subscription_bmc_id

    Retrieves a sbuscription. Returns a JSON object representing the choosen subscription (subscription_bmc_id).

    Error codes:

    • 404 Not Found if node or subscription is not found.

      "id": "<subscription_bmc_id>",
      "destination": "<destinatination_url>",
      "protocol": "<protocol>",
      "context": "<context>",
      "event_types": ["Alert"]
  • POST /v1/nodes/<node_ident>/management/subscriptions

    Requests the creation of a subscription.

    • Required: destination.

    HTTP codes:

    • 201 Created

    • 400 Bad Request

     "destination": "http(s)://host/path",
  • DELETE /v1/nodes/<node_ident>/management/subscriptions/ <subscription__bmc_id>

    Requests the deletion of a subscription

    HTPP codes:

    • 204 No Content

    • 404 Not Found


The PATCH verb is not being supported at this time in this feature.

Client (CLI) impact

The following commands will be created:

baremetal node create subscription [node_uuid] [destination]
baremetal node subscription delete [subscription_uuid]
baremetal node subscription list [node]
baremetal node subscription show [node] [subscription_uuid]


Add support for the event subscriptions in openstacksdk.

RPC API impact

The following new RPC calls will be added:

  • Create subscription

    def create_subscription(self, context, node_id, destination, topic=None):
  • Delete subscription

    def delete_subscription(self, context, node_id, subscription_bmc_id, topic=None):
  • List subscriptions

    def get_all_subscriptions(self, context, node_id, topic=None):
  • Get a subscription

    def get_subscription(self, context, node_id, subscription_bmc_id, topic=None):

Driver API impact

The ManagementInterface will be updated with the following functions:

def create_subscription(self, task, destination):
    """Add the new subscription object to the BMC."""

def delete_subscription(self, task, subscription_bmc_id):
    """Remove the subscription from the BMC."""

def get_all_subscriptions(self, task):
    """List all subscriptions from the BMC"""

def get_subscriptions(self, task, subscription_bmc_id):
    """Get a subscriptions from the BMC"""

The above methods are implemented for Redfish hardware types. We will disallow changing the management interface of a node if there are any subscriptions.

Nova driver impact


Ramdisk impact


Security impact

It is recomended to use https.

Other end user impact

The user won’t be able to choose the EventTypes for the subscription, since the option is deprecated in Redfish EventDestination v1_5_0. We will be using Alert by default for the EventTypes.

The user won’t be able to choose the Protocol for the subscription, by default it will be Redfish following the schema for EventDestination.

Scalability impact


Performance Impact


Other deployer impact


Developer impact

Other drivers may implement this feature if the BMC has support for event subscription.



Primary assignee:


Redfish Implementation Details

The actual support for EventDestination in sushy is based on schema [2], since HW vendors are still working on adding support for newer versions where the propertie EventTypes is deprecated. Based on this the Ironic API will only accept the following redfish properties to create a subscription:

  • Destination - Required

By default we are considering Protocol as Redfish, EventTypes as [“Alert”] and Context as “”.

When vendors have the support for newer EventDestination new fields will be added to the Ironic API.

Work Items

  • Add support for Events Subscriptions in sushy [1] [2].

  • Add event subscription support to ManagementInterface

  • Add event subscription support to redfish hardware type

  • Add RPC for event subscriptions

  • Add REST API for event subscriptions




  • Unit Tests

  • Tempest tests

Upgrades and Backwards Compatibility

No upgrade impact.

Documentation Impact

  • API reference will be added

  • Client documentation will be added.