Support per driver sensor meters

This blueprint is for changing the Ironic Conductor _send_sensor_data interface implementation to support sending sensor meters from providers other than IPMI to Ceilometer.

Problem description

The current implementation of _send_sensor_data is IPMI specific in a number of ways. The Conductor will only acquire sensors from a node which is deployed (has an instance_uuid) and the notifications sent by the Conductor to Ceilometer go to an IPMI specific Ceilometer plugin via event type hardware.ipmi.metrics.

I would like to be able to provide health (and potentially other) sensor information from an iLO Management driver by implementing an iLO specific interface. The sensor information provided by the iLO Management driver should not be treated as IPMI sensors. Also, health information about a platform should be available even if the node has not yet been deployed with software.

Proposed change

The Ironic Conductor _send_sensor_data routine should always call the underlying routine at each poll interval. It should be the responsibility of the underlying management get_sensors_data routine to determine if it is appropriate to gather sensor information for the node that it manages. If a driver determines it is not appropriate to gather sensor information for a node, the driver should simply return an empty sensor list.

The Conductor should not need to interpret who the sensor provider is in order to send the sensor information along to the metering system.

I see the Conductor’s role in sensor metering as follows:

  • Call Management Driver to read sensors at a specifiable interval

  • Create per meter naming using the information provided in the sensors returned by the Management Driver. This will ensure consistent meter naming across multiple providers. It will also enable consistent meter naming for other metering systems (like Monasca) in the future.

  • The Conductor must include the Ironic Node UUID in the message sent to the metering system so that the Ironic Node UUID will be included in the sensor meters that are created upon receipt of the message.

With the current implementation, per meter naming is not the responsibility of the Conductor, but the responsibility of the metering system plugin.

I would like to propose a generic Ceilometer sensor notification plugin that will not need to be modified to support new sensor types. To create such a plugin will require that the Ironic Conductor format sensor meters with sufficient information for the metering system plugin to create the samples per sensor meter without performing any sensor data transformations. To accomplish this, the Ironic Conductor will need to implement some operations currently being performed by the Ceilometer plugin, like sensor meter naming, Resource ID naming, and sensor reading parsing. Also, any sensor fields added by the Ceilometer notification plugin, like ‘node’ will need to be created by the Ironic Conductor.

I would like to introduce a per sensor provider ID field in the driver returned sensor dictionary so that consumers of the sensor resource_metadata can identify the driver that provided the sensor. This field will be named ‘sensor_provider’ and it will be set to a unique text value per driver. For the ipmitool driver, the value will be “ipmi” and for the HP iLO driver, it will be “ilo”. Adding this field to each sensor record will require changing each driver that implements the get_sensors_data interface.

In order to support these Conductor changes, a new Ceilometer notification plugin will be needed and the naming for sensors in Ceilometer will need to be changed. See the Dependencies section for the Ceilometer blueprint associated with creation of the generic sensor Ceilometer plugin.


An additional Ceilometer plugin could be created for each sensor provider, but this would require quite a bit of code duplication in each plugin. Also, the Conductor would need to have a mapping from the Ironic driver producing the sensors to the appropriate Ceilometer plugin that the sensor should be sent to.

The generic sensor Ceilometer notification plugin and associated Conductor changes for supporting multiple providers could be implemented without any changes to the currently defined Ceilometer meter naming. This would be accomplished by placing the sensor provider name in the Ceilometer meter name. i.e. hardware.ilo.temperature for an iLO driver provided temperature sensor.

Data model impact


REST API impact


RPC API impact


Driver API impact


Nova driver impact


Security impact


Other end user impact

To support provider independent meter naming will require changing the user visible meter names for sensors in Ceilometer. The new provider independent naming will not be backward compatible with the names used for sensor meters in the Juno release. Here is an example of Ceilometer plugin created meter names for sensors in Juno.

| Name                     | Resource ID
| hardware.ipmi.current    | IronicNodeUUID-power_meter_(0x16)
| hardware.ipmi.temperature| IronicNodeUUID-16-system_board_(0x15)

The proposal is to drop the ipmi component string from the meter name so that meter names become provider indepenent. Transforming the above to the proposed meter naming would result in the following meter names in Ceilometer.

| Name                | Resource ID
| hardware.current    | IronicNodeUUID-power_meter_(0x16)
| hardware.temperature| IronicNodeUUID-16-system_board_(0x15)

There are also non Ironic sensor polling agents implemented in Ceilometer which use the ipmi component string in their meter names. These polling agents could updated to adhere to the proposed ironic naming as well. The impact on these polling agents would be to remove the “.ipmi” identifier from the meter names generated by the polling agent as is shown above. Examples of meter names generated by the IPMI and Intel Node manager polling agents are as follows:

| Name                          | Resource ID
| hardware.ipmi.current         |
| hardware.ipmi.temperature     |
| hardware.ipmi.node.temperature|
| hardware.ipmi.node.power      |

Note: Even though ‘hardware.ipmi.node.*’ meters appear to be IPMI sensor types, they are in fact vendor specific Intel Node Manager sensors.

Modifications to the polling agents to change their sensor naming convention is not within the scope of work defined by this specification.

Scalability impact


Performance Impact


Other deployer impact

Changing the Conductor to send notification messages to a new generic sensor Ceilometer plugin will require updating Ceilometer in conjunction with the Conductor if Ironic to Ceilometer sensor metering is enabled.

Developer impact

There will be a Conductor dependency on a the generic Ceilometer plugin in order for sensor metering to occur. Developer coordination of changes to Ceilometer and the Ironic Conductor will be necessary for verification of operation.



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Work Items

  • Change the Conductor to remove all IPMI sensor related assumptions.

  • Change the get_node_info_list query to not filter based on associated being true and move instance_uuid check into the ipmitool and ipminative drivers.

  • Create a SensorMetrics base class and CeilometerSensorMetrics derived class to implement meter naming, sensor packaging and sensor posting. The Conductor will be modified to instantiate a CeilometerSensorMetrics class at initialization and invoke the SensorMetrics send_sensors interface from the the Conductor _send_sensor_data periodic timer routine.

The intent of the SensorMetrics class is to encapsulate any sensor data transformations necessary for the targeted metering system.

class SensorMetrics(object):
    def send_sensors(self, context, task, sensors):
        """Send Sensors in the list to the metering system

        : param context: request context
        : param task: TaskManager instance with shared lock
        : param instance_uuid: Running instance UUID or None if not
        : param sensors: List of Sensors to send to metering system


This work is dependent on the following Ceilometer blueprint and specification.


Unit tests will be need to be added to verify the new code paths. I plan on doing ProLiant platform testing of the capabilities as well.

Upgrades and Backwards Compatibility

These changes to the Conductor will require installation of the Ceilometer generic sensor notification plugin if the sending of sensor data messages is enable for the Conductor via “send_sensors_data=true”. If Ironic is updated without adding the generic sensor notification plugin, sensor data messages will be sent, but they will not show up as meters in Ceilometer. Documentation will need to be updated to indicate that Ironic Conductor sensor data sending is dependent on the generic Ceilometer notification plugin for Ceilometer.

If the new meter naming scheme is adopted, prior sensors already in the Ceilometer database will retain their prior naming, so post upgrading to the new Conductor and generic sensor Ceilometer plugin will cause a loss in continuity in sensor naming. Also, any existing Ceilometer sensor meter queries based on the Juno sensor meter naming scheme will need to be changed to use the Kilo sensor meter naming scheme.

Documentation Impact

Documentation changes to docs/source/deploy/install-guide.rst will be necessary to cover the visible functional changes as well as the upgrade dependency with Ceilometer.