Add Inspect Wait State

The spec proposes adding a new inspect wait state to ironic state machine.

Problem description

The in-band inspection is an asynchronous process [1] that isn’t currently handled through a “waiting” state. This is a discrepancy from the rest of the asynchronous ironic states and may comprise a problem for future features such as aborting the introspection [2] or merging ironic and ironic-inspector [3];

Proposed change

Let’s therefore have a new passive state in the ironic state machine, the inspect wait state.

For asynchronous inspection like ironic inspector driver, ironic conductor will move node from manageable to inspecting state when an inspect request is issued, then the ironic conductor moves node to inspect wait state if InspectInterface.inspect_hardware returns INSPECTING or INSPECTWAIT. The behavior of returning INSPECTING will be deprecated and logged as a warning. After deprecation period, returning INSPECTING will cause node be moved to inspect failed state.

Add a new option [conductor]inspect_wait_timeout to guard the inspect wait state, the default value is 1800 seconds as same as [conductor]inspect_timeout. If the hardware inspection is timed out in the state of inspect wait, node will be moved from inspect wait to inspect failed.

The existing [conductor]inspect_timeout will be deprecated.

The inspect wait state will be set as an allowed state when updating ironic node, port and portgroup.

As ironic-inspector checks node provision state before starting inspection, the inspect wait state needs to be added to ironic-inspector as a valid state.


There are no alternatives to this feature.

Data model impact


State Machine Impact

A new unstable state inspect wait will be added to ironic state machine.

Following state transitions will be added:

  1. inspecting to inspect wait with event wait.

  2. inspect wait to inspect failed with event fail.

  3. inspect wait to manageable with event done.

REST API impact

API microversion will be bumped to hide the new inspect wait state to clients with older microversion, this will be done in the update_state_in_older_versions.

Node related API endpoints will be affected:

  • POST /v1/nodes

  • GET /v1/nodes

  • GET /v1/nodes/detail

  • GET /v1/nodes/{node_ident}

  • PATCH /v1/nodes/{node_ident}

For clients with older microversion, the provision state of inspect wait will be changed to inspecting, there is no other impact to API behaviors.

Client (CLI) impact

As the compatibility is handled at ironic API, CLI is not affected.

“ironic” CLI


“openstack baremetal” CLI


RPC API impact


Driver API impact


Nova driver impact


Ramdisk impact


Security impact


Other end user impact


Scalability impact


Performance Impact


Other deployer impact

Add a new option [conductor]inspect_wait_timeout to guard timeout of state inspecting, defaults to 1800 seconds.

Developer impact

This feature has no impact on synchronous inspection, that includes most of OOB drivers. For in-band inspection, the new state has to be considered.

After this spec is implemented, drivers based on asynchronous inspection have to be changed accordingly, that includes in-band inspection and out-of-band inspection (if there is any).

OneViewInspect in the tree is implemented based on ironic inspector interface, its state transition from inspecting to inspect wait is handled by ironic inspector, but inspect wait state needs to be added to status checking.



Primary assignee:


Other contributors:


Work Items

  1. Add inspect wait state and state transitions to ironic state machine.

  2. Apply state change in the _check_status of ironic inspector and OneViewInspect driver.

  3. Add new option inspect_wait_timeout, and deprecate inspect_timeout.

  4. Handle timeout of state inspect wait in the conductor periodic task _check_inspect_timeouts, allow updating node, port and portgroup when node is in the inspect wait state.

  5. Handle API microversion compatibility.

  6. Add inspect wait to ironic-inspector as a valid state.

  7. Update documents, see Documentation Impact for details.




Unit tests will be added, API change will be covered by tempest tests.

Upgrades and Backwards Compatibility

The API backwards compatibility is guarded by microvision.

Documentation Impact

The state diagram will be automatically generated from source. Update ironic states document to address the new state, and the semantic change of current inspecting state.