Add action list panel for entity click action

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Add action list panel for entity click action

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Problem description

The Vitrage Dashboard’s Entity Graph provides users with visual convenience. As a result, the cloud administrator or Vitrage users can easily identify the different situations for each entity. However, the Entity Graph is now provided for visual functionality and still has a small range of actions that can be taken in context.

Proposed changes

For each entity in the current entity graph, the user can see information about the entity through a click action. We will add an action list panel that provides multiple actions to the user through existing click actions. Users can click an entity to see a list of available actions from the drop-down menu. The drop-down menu is located at the bottom of the existing Info panel and configures the action list based on a setting file. The user can select one of these action lists and enter the specific parameters required to execute the action through the additional UI.

Examples of actions that can be provided:

  • Execute Mistral : If the user selects Mistral, a drop-down menu that is included in the new UI displays a list of workflows currently stored in Mistral. When the user selects a workflow from the list, the user can enter various parameter values (for example, Workflow_name, Workflow_input, params). Then ask them to run the workflow from Mistral server to the API. The functional scope of Mistral will be expanded in the future.

  • Performance Test : The user can perform tests by clicking entities such as Nova, Neutron, and others displayed in the Entity Graph. Like Mistral, the user can view a list of test scenarios in a new UI, enter various parameter values for testing, and then request performance testing through the Openstack Rally API. The range of performance support for this feature will be expanded in the future.

  • Launch web page of monitoring tool : The web of the monitoring tool monitoring the VM or the physical node entity is displayed.

  • Open related UI for other projects : If the user requests an action from other project through the action list panel, the results of the action request(e.g. Execute Workflow, Performance Test) can be checked through the UI of other project. Therefore, this action opens the UI related with the action in the other project(e.g. Workflow’s ‘Workflow Executions’ panel from Mistral) in a new tab to see the results of the request.

The overall workflow is as follows:

|   Vitrage Dashboard   |
|                       |
| +------------------+  |
| |                  |  |
| |   Entity Click   |  |        +-----------------------+
| |                  |  |        |                       |
| +---------+--------+  |        |    Other Project's    |
|           |           |        |                       |
+-----------------------+        +-----------^-----------+
            |                                |
         (1)|                                |(3)
            |                                |
+-----------v-----------+        +-----------+-----------+
|                       |        |                       |
|   Action list Panel   +-------->  Action Parameter UI  |
|                       |   (2)  |                       |
+-----------+-----------+        +-----------------------+
|                       |
|  Other Project's UI   |
|                       |
  1. Users can click an entity to see a list of actions that can be performed through the drop-down at the bottom of the Info panel. The action list is composed of the settings file configured by the user. This means that the list of actions depends on user’s environment. Also, depending on the entity type, the action may be restricted.

  2. When the user selects an action from the action list, a detailed action list(e.g. Workflow list, Test scenario list) and a UI for inputting parameters are displayed. The user can then select detailed actions and enter parameters in the corresponding UI.

  3. Enter all the parameters in the parameter UI and press the OK button to request it from the other project.(e.g. Mistral, Rally)

  4. The result of the user’s request can be viewed in a new tab with the related project’s UI.

An example configuration file is shown below:

mistral = [Mistral Endpoint]
rally = [Rally Endpoint]
monitor_url = [Monitoring Tool URL]

If the user does not enter information for a specific action in the above mentioned setting file, the action list will not include the corresponding action. This determines whether the project is installed to request action. Therefore, the action list is configured based on the setting file, so if the user wants to receive the action, the user should input the information according to the user’s environment.



Data model impact


REST API impact


Versioning impact


Other end user impact


Deployer impact


Developer impact


Horizon impact

  • When the user clicks an entity in the entity graph, a panel is added to display a list of actions.

  • Additional actions for the action list can be configured by the user.

  • When the user selects an action, the UI for entering the required parameter values and selecting detailed actions(e.g. workflow list, test scenario) appears.



Primary assignee:

MinWookKim <>

Work Items

  • Add a new panel for entity clicks in the entity graph.

  • See a list of actions that use the new panel.

  • The action list can be selected and requested from an other project.

  • Configure the settings file to organize the action list.




  • New UI. (action list UI, prameter UI)

  • Request API through action list panel and check other project action.

Documentation Impact

Configuration for additional action list, usage for adding actions should be documented.

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