Aodh Synchronizer Plugin - get_all implementation

Aodh Synchronizer Plugin - get_all implementation

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This blueprint describes the Aodh plugin for Vitrage Synchronizer, and its implementation for get_all Aodh alarms.

Problem description

Aodh alarms should be added to Vitrage Graph via Vitrage Synchronizer. This requires writing a Synchronizer plugin for Aodh.

The plugin should support two modes:

  • get_all: query all Aodh alarms and send corresponding events to the Synchronizer
  • notifications: notify the Synchronizer upon a change in an Aodh alarm definition or state

This blueprint refers to get_all implementation.

Proposed change

Aodh plugin will be configured with:

  • Poll interval in seconds (default: 60)

Every poll-interval seconds, Aodh plugin will call Aodh list all alarms API. The alarms will be converted to Vitrage Synchronizer events and passed to Vitrage Graph queue.



Data model impact

Aodh event will be sent to Vitrage Graph queue with the following properties:

Field Description Examples
alarm_id The alarm UUID e47e1be6-3598-46e6-bb63-0cc9a4e35ad7
name The alarm name CpuUtilAlarm1
description The alarm description Alarm when cpu is eq a avg of 300.0 over 60 seconds
enabled Is the alarm enabled true/false
project_id The ID of the project or tenant that owns the alarm 5542b27142154f30b32dea6238aa81aa
repeat_actions Should actions be re-triggered on each evaluation cycle true/false
severity The alarm severity low/moderate/critical
state The alarm state ok/alarm/insufficient data
time_constraints Optional. Evaluate the alarm within this time constraint ?
type The alarm type threshold/event
user_id The ID of the user who created the alarm 8ab65ef808b245e3ba234b7b3554cb94
resource_id Optional. The resource id in the query of the alarm rule b0bf3635-d9e8-4624-9793-7aac82948c0a
sync_type The source of information aodh (constant value)

Aodh threshold alarms will include in addition:

Field Description Examples
state_timestamp The date of the last alarm state changed 2016-03-01T17:13:08.847812
timestamp The date of the last alarm definition update 2016-03-01T17:13:08.847812
threshold_rule The threshold rule, for a threshold alarm dictionary

Aodh event alarms will include in addition:

Field Description Examples
event_type Event type for event alarm compute.instance.update
timestamp Does not exist in Aodh? current time will be used 2016-03-01T17:13:08.847812

Gnocchi alarms, combination alarms and composite alarms are still TBD.

TBD: how this information will be transformed to a Vitrage Graph vertex

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Other end user impact


Deployer impact

Aodh plugin should be configured

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Work Items





This blueprint requires unit tests and Tempest tests.

Documentation Impact

Aodh Configuration should be documented

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