Collectd Data Source

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Collectd Data Source

This blueprint describes the datasource that will receive notifications from collectd.

Problem description

Vitrage should be able to accept a collectd notification.

Proposed change

The Collectd datasource will receive notifications in the following format:

    "host": "compute-1",
    "plugin": "ovs_events",
    "plugin_instance": "br-ex",
    "type": "gauge",
    "type_instance": "link_status",
    "message": "link state of "br-ex" interface has been changed to "WARNING,"",
    "severity": "WARNING",
    "time": 1482409029.062524,
    "id": "46c7eba7753efb0e6f6a8de24c949c52"

Upon receiving such a notification, the Collectd datasource will create a corresponding alarm in Vitrage. When receiving an ok notification, the alarm will be deleted.

In addition, a new evaluator template will be added in order to:
  • Create deduced alarms on the VMs running on the host

  • Modify the states of the host and the VMs to ERROR



Data model impact


REST API impact




Primary assignee:

eyal bar ilan

Work Items

  • Implement the Collectd datasource

  • Write a template for creating deduced alarms on the VMs and calling Nova mark host down


The changes will be tested by unit tests

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