Vitrage Alarm Counts API

Vitrage Alarm Counts API

Extend the Vitrage REST API to support a GET of the Active Alarm Counts, for each alarm severity level, in Vitrage.

Problem description

Provide REST API access to the Vitrage Active Alarm Counts in support of the Horizon blueprint, “Vitrage Alarm Banner in Top Navbar”.

Proposed change

Support the following REST API to Vitrage for calculating and returning the Active Alarm Counts for each alarm severity level:

GET /v1/alarm/count

        X-Auth-Token (string, required) - Keystone auth token
        Accept (string) - application/json

Path Parameters

Query Parameters

Request Body
        all_tenants - (boolean, optional) shows the alarm counts
                      summed across all tenants (in case the user
                      has the permissions).

Request Examples
        GET /v1/alarm/count HTTP/1.1
        X-Auth-Token: 2b8882ba2ec44295bf300aecb2caa4f7
        Accept: application/json

Response Status code
        200 - OK

Response Body
        Returns a JSON object containing the alarm counts for the
        different alarm severities.

Response Examples
          "critical_alarm_count": 1,
          "major_alarm_count": 0,
          "minor_alarm_count": 1,
          "warning_alarm_count": 3

NOTE: The vitrage CLI and client will be updated for this new API. e.g. “vitrage alarm count”


For performance reasons, maintain the Active Alarm Counts in Vitrage Entity Graph, and just return these counts when the REST API command is received.

Although decided against this due to:

  • keeping a counter, in addition to the graph, might be buggy (multi threading issues etc.),

  • calculating the counter means traversing once all of the vertices in the graph, get all alarms, and count. It shouldn’t be too expensive, it’s just like ‘get alarms’ api,

  • since the result of this api is used for ui query (and not for notification or corrective actions for example), the performance is not that critical.

Data model impact


REST API impact

Extending REST API with new GET /v1/alarm/count API.

Versioning impact

None … just extending API, no changes.

Other end user impact


Deployer impact


Developer impact


Horizon impact

Horizon will use this API to populate the counts in its new “Vitrage Alarm Banner” in its Top Navbar; a proposed Horizon blueprint.



Primary assignee:


Other contributors:


Work Items

  • Implement new REST API in Vitrage API: GET /v1/alarm/count API, to calculate and return the Vitrage Active Alarm Counts for each alarm severity level,

  • Update Vitrage client for new API

  • Add the new “vitrage alarm count” CLI command




The changes shall be covered by new unit test and tempest test.

Documentation Impact

Update to Vitrage API Documentation; i.e. the new API will be added under



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