Snmp Parsing Service

Snmp Parsing Service

launchpad blueprint:

This blueprint describes the implementation of SNMP parsing service for transforming SNMP alarm messages to alarm details and distributing them to corresponding datasource.

Problem description

The following use case should be supported:

Vitrage datasources module provides the ability to handle alarms from part of monitored systems, but currently there is no system that reports alarms by SNMP communication.

Proposed change

A SNMP service module is presented here, which provides service to parse alarms reported from SNMP managed system and sends them to the OpenStack message bus, for further processing by the datasources.

Since snmp service is a common service for alarm datasource, the service powers on just after api, graph and notifier service. After successfully powered on, SNMP parsing service can receive and decode alarm messages. Decoded alarm details are made up of alarm/object info and corresponding value, e.g. alarm_code. The SNMP parsing service parses alarm datasource info according to corresponding OID, then constructs message after marking datasource information and distributes messages to the RabbitMQ queue. According to the values of OID, the alarm datasource can extract information by decoded alarm details.

The configuration for snmp service: [snmp_parsing]

# snmp listening port (integer value) snmp_listening_port = xxx

# traps oid mapping yaml file path(string value) #oid_mapping = /etc/vitrage/snmp_parsing_conf.yaml

An example of config for snmp_parsing_conf.yaml:

  • oid: # for example system: iaas_platform # for example datasource: new_datasource

  • oid: xxxx system: xxx datasource: xxx



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Developer impact

The snmp parsing service does not support lost notifications at the moment. If one needs the solution in the future, the service should be enhanced.

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Work Items

  • Add a new SNMP parsing service




The implementation will be covered by unit tests and tempest tests.

Documentation Impact

The new SNMP configuration should be documented



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