Vitrage CLI

Vitrage CLI

Vitrage Project introduces a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) engine for organizing, analyzing and expanding OpenStack alarms & events.

In order to communicate with Vitrage a command line utility can be used that will issue some REST command to the API service.

The CLI will use a python-vitrageclient which is a client library built on the Vitrage API.

+-----------------+                     +-----------------+
|      *CLI*      |                     |                 |
|                 |                     |                 |
|  RCA            |                     |                 |
|                 |   HTTP/Vitrage API  |  vitrage api    |
|  CRUD Templates |+-------------------->                 |
|                 |                     |    service      |
|  Topology       |                     |                 |
|                 |                     |                 |
+-----------------+                     +-----------------+

Problem description

As a user I would like to be able to see the root cause of any alerts or events in the system. A command line utility will be used to communicate with Vitrage API service. The CLI will 3 types of commands:

  1. RCA - find the root cause for an alert/event

  2. CRUD Templates - Create/Read/Update/Delete Templates

  3. Topology - get the topology of the system

Proposed change

The CLI and the vitrage client is part of a new project for Root Cause Analysis called vitrage



Data model impact

No data is stored or cached.

REST API impact

Will implement the api of vitrage-api service

Versioning impact

Discuss how your change affects versioning and backward compatibility:


Other end user impact

The User will be able to interact using any HTTP rest client. The User will also have a UI.

Deployer impact

A new project called Vitrage will deploy the vitrage client and CLI

Developer impact


Horizon impact

A new UI will be added to Horizon to support the Vitrage project a separate blueprint will be supplied.




Work Items





All code will be tested.

Documentation Impact


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