upgrade oozie Web Service API version of sahara edp oozie engine

upgrade oozie Web Service API version of sahara edp oozie engine


This spec is to upgrade oozie web service api version of oozie engine.

Problem description

Currently sahara oozie server version is 4.1.0, but oozie engine still use v1 oozie web service api which is used in oozie 3.x. By upgrading oozie web service api from v1 to v2, we can add more oozie features into sahara.

Proposed change

change sahara OozieClient job_url and jobs_url from /v1/job/%s, /v1/jobs to /v2/job/%s, /v2/jobs.

for /v2/jobs, remains the same as /v1/jobs

for /v2/job/, there is a difference in the JSON format of job information API,particularly for map-reduce action,no changes for other actions.In v1, externalId and consoleUrl point to spawned child job ID, and exteranlChildIDs is null in map-reduce action. In v2, externalId and consoleUrl point to launcher job ID, and exteranlChildIDs is spawned child job ID in map-reduce action. this exteranlChildIDs can be used for recurrence edp job’s child job id.

here are the new oozie features can be added into sahara.

(1)PUT oozie/v2/job/oozie-job-id?action=update, we can update job’s definition and properties. (2)GET /oozie/v2/job/oozie-job-id?show=errorlog, we can get oozie error log when job is failed, so we can show user the detail error information. Currently sahara edp engine tells user nothing when job is failed.

so we can add update_job() and show_error_log() into oozie client. details about these two features will be drafted in another spec.



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Primary assignee:
luhuichun(lu huichun)
Other contributors:

Work Items

  • update oozie client in oozie engine




unit test in edp engine add scenario integration test

Documentation Impact

Need to be documented.

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