CDH YARN ResourceManager HA Support

CDH YARN ResourceManager HA Support

This blueprint aims to implement YARN ResourceManager (RM) High-Availability (HA) for Cloudra plugin.

Problem description

Currently Cloudera plugin does not support HA for YARN ResourceManager. Therefore we plan to implement RM HA.

Proposed change

The implementation of the RM HA will be done via CM API enable_rm_ha(). This API will help us enable ResourceManager HA by giving several info augments.

To achieve RM HA, we need to add one Standby NodeManager in the node of the cluster templates (Cloudera Plugin only support one Standby NodeManager, while the other implementations might allow >1 Standby NodeManager). When RM HA is enabled, we will start both the Primary and Standby NodeManagers, let the Primary NodeManager be active, and leave the Standby NodManager standby.

CM API enable_rm_ha accepts a new ResourceManager Host new_rm_host_id as parameter. A Standby ResourceManager will be started on new_rm_host_id node.

ResourceManager HA requires Primary ResourceManager and Standby ResourceManager roles deployed on different physical hosts. Zookeeper service is required too.

When ResourceManager HA is enabled, Oozie or applications depended on RM should be able to check all available RMs and get the active RM by themselves. There is no way to automatically switch between RMs smoothly.

Overall, we will implement RM HA as below:

  • Add a role YARN_STANDBYRM.
  • If YARN_STANDBYRM was selected by user (cluster admin), then YARN RM HA will be enabled.
  • If RM HA is enabled, we will check Anti-affinity to make sure YARN_STANDBYRM and YARN_RESOURCEMANAGER will not be on the same physical host.
  • If RM HA is enabled, Zookeeper service is required in the cluster.
  • If RM HA is enabled, we will create cluster with ResourceManager on node where YARN_RESOURCEMANAGER role is assigned.
  • If RM HA is enabled, after the cluster is started, we will call enable_rm_ha to enabled RM HA by using the YARN_STANDBYRM node as parameter.

It should be noted that, if HA is enabled, in Oozie workflow xml file, we need to detect the active ResourceManager in method get_resource_manager_uri and pass it to Oozie each time when we use it. I plan to include this part of codes in later patches.



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Primary assignee:
Ken Chen

Work Items

Changes will be only in sahara/plugins/cdh directory. We will only do this based on CDH 5.4.0 at this stage. CDH 5.0.0 and CDH 5.3.0 plugins will not be supported. Changes were described in the Proposed change section.




We will only do primitive checks: create a Cloudera cluster with RM HA, and see whether it is active.

Documentation Impact

The documentation needs to be updated with information about enabling CDH YARN ResourceManager HA.


  • Configuring High Availability for ResourceManager (MRv2/YARN) <>
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