[EDP] Allow editing datasource objects

[EDP] Allow editing datasource objects


Currently there is no way to edit a datasource object. If a path needs to be changed, for example, the datasource must be deleted and a new one created. The most common use case is a situation where a user creates a datasource, runs a job, and receives an error from the job because the path does not exist. Although it is not strictly necessary, editable datasource objects would be a convenience when a user needs to correct a path or credentials.

Problem description

There are no API methods for updating a datasource object in the REST API or at the conductor level.

The only way to correct a datasource is to delete an existing one and create a new one with corrected information. Although it is possible to use the same name, the object id will be different.

If editing is allowed, a user only needs to do a single operation to make corrections. Additionally, the id is preserved so that objects which reference it will reference the corrected path.

In the general case, editing a datasource should not be a problem for a job execution which references it. Once a job execution enters the “RUNNING” state, any information in datasource objects it references has been extracted and passed to the process running the job. Consequently, editing a datasource referenced by running or completed jobs will cause no errors. On relaunch, a job execution will extract the current information from the datasource.

There is only a small window where perhaps editing should not be allowed. This is when a datasource object is referenced by a job execution in the “PENDING” state. At this point, information has not yet been extracted from the datasource object, and a change during this window would cause the job to run with paths other than the ones that existed at submission time.

Proposed change

Add an update operation to the REST API for datasource objects. Do not allow updates for datasource objects that are referenced by job executions in the “PENDING” state (this can be checked during validation).

Datasource objects referenced by job executions that are not in the PENDING state may be changed. In an existing blueprint and related CR (listed in the reference section) the URLs used by a job execution will be recorded in the job execution when the job enters the RUNNING state. This means that for any running or completed job execution, the list of exact datasource URLs used in the execution will be available from the job execution itself even if the referenced datasource has been edited.

Allow any fields in a datasource object to be updated except for id. The object id should be preserved.

Add the corresponding update operation to the python-saharaclient.


Do nothing

Data model impact


REST API impact

Backward compatiblity will be maintained since this is a new endpoint.

PUT /v1.1/{tenant_id}/data-sources/{data_source_id}

Normal Response Code: 202 (ACCEPTED)

Errors: 400 (BAD REQUEST), 404 (NOT FOUND)

Update the indicated datasource object



PUT http://sahara/v1.1/{tenant_id}/data-sources/{data_source_id}
    "description": "some description",
    "name": "my_input",
    "url": "swift://container/correct_path"


Content-Type: application/json
    "created_at": "2015-04-08 20:27:13",
    "description": "some_description",
    "id": "7b25fc64-5913-4bc3-aaf4-f82ad03ea2bc",
    "name": "my_input",
    "tenant_id": "33724d3bf3114ae9b8ab1c170e22926f",
    "type": "swift",
    "updated_at": "2015-04-09 10:27:13",
    "url": "swift://container_correct_path"

Other end user impact

This operation should be added to the python-saharaclient API as well

$ sahara data-source-update [–name NAME] [–id ID] [–json]

Deployer impact


Developer impact


Sahara-image-elements impact


Sahara-dashboard / Horizon impact

To take advantage of this from the Horizon UI, we would need a selectable “Edit” action for each datasource on the datasources page



Primary assignee:
Trevor McKay
Other contributors:
Chad Roberts

Work Items

Add REST and support methods to Sahara Add operation to python-saharaclient Add operation to datasource screens in Horizon Add to WADL in api-ref




Unit tests in Sahara and python-saharaclient

Documentation Impact

Potentially any user documentation that talks about relaunch, or editing of other objects like templates

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