Allow the creation of multiple clusters simultaneously

Allow the creation of multiple clusters simultaneously

We want to improve user experience when creating new clusters by allowing the user to create multiple clusters at the same time.

Problem description

When creating new clusters, the user has only the option to start a single cluster. In some cases, for example when dealing with researches, the user needs more than a single cluster with a given template. In order to reduce the work of creating a cluster then going back to create a second one and so on, we want to include the option of creating multiple clusters simultaneously by adding an option of number of clusters.

Proposed change

We want to introduce an option for the user to select how many clusters will be spawned. When creating multiple clusters we will add a sequential number to the given cluster name (hadoop-cluster1, hadoop-cluster2, …).

The creation workflow would go as follows:

    1. The users will request the creation of multiple clusters POST v1.1/<project_id>/clusters/multiple using a body as described below.
    1. The return of this call will be a list of clusters id
    1. Finally the user will be able to track the cluster state using the ids.


The user keeps creating a cluster at a time.

Data model impact


REST API impact

We need to create a new API call (create_multiple_clusters()) to allow the creation of multiple clusters by passing a new parameter specifying the number of clusters that will be created.

POST v1.1/<project_id>/clusters/multiple

Other end user impact

We will also need to change the python-saharaclient to allow the creation of multiple clusters.

  • Request
“plugin_name”: “vanilla”, “hadoop_version”: “2.4.1”, “cluster_template_id”: “1beae95b-fd20-47c0-a745-5125dccbd560”, “default_image_id”: “be23ce84-68cb-490a-b50e-e4f3e340d5d7”, “user_keypair_id”: “doc-keypair”, “name”: “doc-cluster”, “count”: 2, “cluster_configs”: {}


  • Response
{clusters: [“c8c3fee5-075a-4969-875b-9a00bb9c7c6c”,


Deployer impact


Developer impact


Sahara-image-elements impact


Sahara-dashboard / Horizon impact

We need to add a box to allow the user to insert the number of clusters that will be created (default set to 1).



Primary assignee:

Work Items

  • Implement the backend for creating multiple clusters
  • Implement the API change
  • Implement Unit tests
  • Implement changes to the python-saharaclient
  • Implement changes to the UI
  • Update WADL file in the api-site repo




We will implement unit tests.

Documentation Impact

The documentation needs to be updated datailing the new option.



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