Tempest Plugin


As with devstack and grenade, the tempest program is encouraging projects to manage their own tempest tests via code hosted in each project’s code repository. This spec proposes that we do this for those projects living under the ceilometer umbrella.

Problem description

Managing tempest tests within tempest itself in the world of the big tent is problematic: The people who want the tests to exist and the people who review tempest are not congruent. This can lead to delays in getting relevant tests in place. When projects host their own tests as plugins the projects decide what happens when, according to their own requirements.

For ceilometer which is now spread over a few repos and has increasingly complex integration scenarios these problems are multiplied.

Proposed change

Using the tempest plugin documentation and tempest-lib new tempest tests will be created in ceilometer related repos that duplicate existing telemetry-related test functionality from tempest. Initially these will be done in the ceilometer repo itself. There is a sahara example and a manila example that can be used for guidance.

When these have proven themselves the test in tempest will be removed and the project should be in a position to greatly increase the number of tempest tests that are available and run.


We can leave things as they are now but this is contrary to the goals of the tempest project.

Data model impact


REST API impact


Security impact


Pipeline impact


Other end user impact


Performance/Scalability Impacts


Other deployer impact

If there is improved ceilometer coverage in tempest then operators who use tempest to validate their clouds will have increased confidence in more services in their cloud.

Developer impact

It will be easier for developers to find and improve tempest tests related to ceilometer.



Primary assignee:


Other contributors:


Ongoing maintainer:

The ceilometer team

Work Items

  • Evaluate pre-existing work from other projects.

  • Create a version for ceilometer.

  • Create experimental gate jobs to test them against commits.

  • Remove existing tempest tests.

  • Update gate jobs.

Future lifecycle

The ceilometer team will need to be responsible for the ongoing care and feeding of the in-tree tempest tests.




See work items above.

Documentation Impact

Tempest documentation will need to be updated to reflect that use of ceilometer will require referencing the plugin.