Self-disabled Pollster

Avoid loading one pollster if required environment is not ready. Remove resources that cause continuous exception in polling time.

Problem description

Currently pollsters are used in following way.

  1. define via setup.cfg

  2. load each pollster in initialization

  3. pollster’s get_samples get called in periodic way to collect metrics

This fixed process is not flexible enough to handle various situation, like following cases:

  1. One pollster depends on specific environment, e.g compute node pollsters need right hypervisor inspector, ipmi pollsters need ipmitool installed. Loading pollster unconditionally produces extra exceptions or dummy samples with minor performance drop. Check in deployment can not resolve all the issues, as environment changes dynamically. The perfect solution is that check in loading time and do not load the pollster if no required environment.

  2. One pollster gets loaded and runs well, then some polling resource becomes unavailable, so the pollster fails to produce samples and probably throws exceptions with performance drop. We need detect such changes, then remove this resource from polling. Also need put warning in log, so operator can track and handle it.

Proposed change

Provides infrastructure to get pollster specific response then take different action.

For case 1, need provide a function in pollster constructor, to raise specific exception if required hardware is missing. When loading extensions, add on_load_failure_callback, which checks and suppresses the exception to avoid loading this extension. Probably need one configuration list to indicate which pollster can be skipped.

For case 2, we need pollsters throw 2 different exceptions in run time:

  • transient failure: treat like existing ones

  • permanent failure: Not poll that resources from this pollster any more

To achieve this, we have PollingTask to catch that permanent failure, then block polling for that resources.



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Performance/Scalability Impacts

This BP improve performance due to avoid loading unnecessary pollster and remove unavailable resources to eliminate continuous exceptions.

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Work Items

  • For loading time pollster

    • Add environment check function in pollster constructor

    • Add new on_load_failure_callback to avoid loading failed extension

  • For running time pollster

    • Modify required pollster to throw permanent failure exception

    • Modify PollingTask to skip failure resources

Future lifecycle

Once this feature enabled, need test and bug fixing in next 2 releases to avoid regression




Need unit test

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