Track Network Services Notifications

The goal of this blueprint is to capture the notification events emitted by neutron network services during create, update and delete operations.

Problem description

Neutron emits notifications from the data provided by the network services plugin and agent components. These in particular are for FWaaS, LBaaS and VPNaaS. Ceilometer needs to be updated to consume and record these notifications. If Ceilometer processes these notifications other services will be able use queries and alarms to monitor and scale as required.

A notification plugin is required, in Ceilometer, to hear notifications at an exchange and topic and transform them into samples. We can leverage the existing Network Notification plugins and build on top of it.

Proposed change

Add a new listener classes for Network Services to transform neutron event data into samples, using existing NetworkNotificationBase implementations as a model. These listeners include create, update and delete events emitted by neutron for specific components of firewall, VPN or a Loadbalancer.

The Neutron event topic names have the following pattern,

  • <resource>.create.start

  • <resource>.create.end

  • <resource>.update.start

  • <resource>.update.end

  • <resource>.delete.start

  • <resource>.delete.end

For this implementation we will track the end events as those give us the most information with respect to event payload. Also end events are more informative to track the existence of a resource and its usage over time.



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REST API impact


Security impact


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Other end user impact


Performance/Scalability Impacts

No new impacts. Pre-existing concerns with capacity at the notification and storage handling layers remain.

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Developer impact




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Work Items

  • Load Balancer Listener class to process create/update/delete events for pool, vip, member, health_monitor.

  • Firewall Listener class to process create/update/delete events for firewall, policy and rule.

  • VPN listener class to process create/update/delete events for vpnservice, ipsec_policy, ike_policy, ipsec_site_connections.

  • Test coverage for the above listener classes and sample validation.

Future lifecycle

In the future new types of notifications are expected from the Neutron services to account for the statistics data. These will need to be handled separately.




Unit and integration Tests will be added to cover the necessary notification listener classes and validate samples generated.

Documentation Impact

The added metrics will need to be documented in the measurements section.