OSprofiler notification plugin


This spec is about integration between osprofiler and ceilometer. Actually osprofiler requires some kind on notification API and collector. Which is actually Ceilometer.

More about OSprofiler: https://github.com/stackforge/osprofiler

Problem description

In OpenStack we have bunch of services inside every project. It’s really hard to understand where and why your request works slow. To resolve this issue we introduce tiny library, that can be easily integrated in all existing service and will allow us to get 1 trace (tree of elements) per API request. It’s simpler to see, then to explain sample: http://pavlovic.me/rally/profiler/

To resolve this task, we have to send from all services to some common collector special notifications. As there is already Ceilometer, that is integrated with everything and as well notification API that perfectly works for us we decide to use it (Ceilometer).

Proposed change

Add new Ceilometer notification plugin, that will collect notifications related to profiler.


Make another collector of notifications (Ceilometer) and integrate it in all projects ;)

Data model impact


REST API impact


Security impact


Pipeline impact


Other end user impact


Performance/Scalability Impacts

It depends on how heavy you are using osprofiler. By default even if everything is turned on, osprofiler won’t sent any notifications. profiler will send notifications only in case if person that knows hmac key sends special trace info in special header.

Amount of data that will be send depends on API request. One of worst API call is boot VM. If we trace all rest/rpc/db calls it will be about 150kb of samples. Note with disabled tracing of DB we can reduce multiple times amount of profiling data.


  • Do not trace every request, especially such like “nova boot VM”.

  • Keep hmac in safe, if somebody knows it, he can create trace for every request or in another words DDOS Ceilometer.

Other deployer impact


Developer impact




Primary assignee:

Boris Pavlovic <boris@pavlovic.me>

Work Items

Future lifecycle

This plugin is essential for OSprofiler, and OSprofiler is essential for OpenStack. So this code will be fully supported.


  • There is no dependencies.


For the begging we are going to have only unit tests. Actually code is quite simple, so it doesn’t require functional testing, as well this code won’t be changed a lot (at all).

The second reason why unit test are enough is that this plugin will be heavy used in rally gates. So if something went wrong we will catch it quite fast.

Documentation Impact

Add warning that profiler creates huge load on Ceilometer backend. It means that it shouldn’t be turned on for every request. As well we should say that load can be drastically reduced in case of turned off tracing of DB request.